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Yacht and Marine Damage Restoration

Fire Damage and Water Damage is not limited to land only, in fact yachts and marine ships can be damaged by fire, water or mold and require specialty disaster restoration solutions. Yacht and Marine damage restoration is not for everyone, there is a special level of care and logistics needed which comes from experience, the experts as ServiceMaster Elite are leaders in yacht and marine damage restoration.

From the moment ServiceMaster Elite inspects, our technicians and project managers will show expert care to protect your yacht, from containment to floor protection to specialty booties, we immediately find ways to impress. We will help create a customized plan to guide through step by step procedures to safely and quickly restore your yacht or marine ship.

ServiceMaster Elite is your Yacht and Marine Damage Restoration Experts

Yachts and ships are built differently than homes on land, we understand this at ServiceMaster Elite. Soot can spread into areas that are hidden but can cause significant damage to steel surfaces through flash rust and integrity degradation. We know that following a fire damage, immediate corrosion control is important to protect your yacht from long term damage. We can supply specialty cleaning agents that will not harm your yacht, will be tough on soot and grease, but easy on the different luxury materials that are often present in a yacht.

We also understand that unique challenges will present themselves in the specialty design and construction of yachts and boats – water can reach areas undetectable by traditional moisture meters such as plumbing, electrical and surface material interstitial space. Our yacht experts are trained to detect and identify these areas and can provide customized and unique drying set ups to save and restore many surfaces in place.

ServiceMaster Elite provides full emergency water damage and fire damage restoration to all types of yachts and marine including:

  • Yachts
  • Houseboats
  • Ships
  • Ferries
  • Cabin Cruiser Boats
  • Cruise Ships
  • All types of marine ships