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Yacht and Marine Damage Restoration

Fire Damage and Water Damage is not limited to land only, in fact yachts and marine ships can be damaged by fire, water or mold and require specialty disaster restoration solutions. Yacht and Marine damage restoration is not for everyone, there is a special level of care and logistics needed which comes from experience, the experts as ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Merrimack are leaders in yacht and marine damage restoration.

From the moment ServiceMaster Restoration Services inspects, our technicians and project managers will show expert care to protect your yacht, from containment to floor protection to specialty booties, we immediately find ways to impress. We will help create a customized plan to guide through step by step procedures to safely and quickly restore your yacht or marine ship.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services is your Yacht and Marine Damage Restoration Experts

Yachts and ships are built differently than homes on land, we understand this at ServiceMaster Restoration Services. Soot can spread into areas that are hidden but can cause significant damage to steel surfaces through flash rust and integrity degradation. We know that following a fire damage, immediate corrosion control is important to protect your yacht from long term damage. We can supply specialty cleaning agents that will not harm your yacht, will be tough on soot and grease, but easy on the different luxury materials that are often present in a yacht.

We also understand that unique challenges will present themselves in the specialty design and construction of yachts and boats – water can reach areas undetectable by traditional moisture meters such as plumbing, electrical and surface material interstitial space. Our yacht experts are trained to detect and identify these areas and can provide customized and unique drying set ups to save and restore many surfaces in place.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Merrimack is your premier choice for comprehensive emergency water damage and fire damage restoration services, catering to a wide range of marine vessels. We understand the unique challenges and specialized needs associated with restoring maritime assets, making us the go-to solution for yacht owners, maritime businesses, and marine operators. Our commitment extends to various types of marine vessels, ensuring a swift and effective recovery process for:

  1. Yachts: Whether you own a luxury yacht or a smaller recreational vessel, our team is equipped to handle water and fire damage restoration to preserve the beauty and functionality of your prized possession.

  2. Houseboats: Houseboats offer a unique and comfortable living experience on the water. When disaster strikes, count on us to restore and rejuvenate your houseboat, providing you with peace of mind and a comfortable home on the water.

  3. Ships: From smaller commercial ships to large seafaring vessels, we possess the expertise and resources to efficiently manage damage restoration and repairs. Our services encompass all aspects of ship restoration, ensuring a safe return to the sea.

  4. Ferries: Ferries are vital for transporting people and goods across bodies of water. Our team is well-versed in addressing water and fire damage concerns, facilitating the quick recovery of these essential vessels for seamless transportation services.

  5. Cabin Cruiser Boats: Cabin cruiser boats are beloved for their versatility and comfort. We specialize in restoring these boats to their former glory, allowing you to continue enjoying your marine adventures.

  6. Cruise Ships: Cruise ships offer unforgettable vacations for countless passengers. When damage occurs, we step in to restore these grand vessels, ensuring that travelers can embark on their dream voyages once again.

  7. All Types of Marine Ships: Our expertise extends to all forms of marine ships, including commercial, industrial, and private vessels. No matter the size or complexity, we have the skills and resources to bring your ship back to life.

Our team combines years of experience with state-of-the-art equipment and industry-best practices to provide a comprehensive approach to marine damage restoration. We understand that time is of the essence in the maritime world, and our swift response and effective restoration services ensure that your vessel can return to the water, meeting all safety and regulatory standards.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Merrimack is your trusted partner in safeguarding your maritime investments, making the process as stress-free as possible, and getting you back on the water with confidence.