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Smart Steps to Follow if Your Home Has Water Damage

If you’ve ever been one of the unlucky people affected by water damage to your home, most likely your belongings will be damaged or completely ruined. The first step to take is to call ServiceMaster Tupelo. We have the experience and expertise to help you when water damage occurs. We know you need a restoration company to get the job done, get it done right and a company you can trust! These next few steps should help start the process of what to do next.

1. Keep or Trash

First, organize your belongings and start clearing any unwanted debris. People who have water damaged homes need to assess the value, both emotional and financial, of all of the damaged items in the house. Needless to say, you will have to make the difficult choice of figuring out that items you want to keep or trash. Be prepared for a difficult journey as you will find you are strongly attached to your belongings. We can dry the structure as well as the contents, but keeping things that are already beyond repair isn’t in your best interest.

2. Food & Kitchenware

Foods that have already been water damaged should not be eaten and disposed of. This goes for boxed and canned food, anything in your refrigerator and freezer, as well as broken tableware as well as plates, mugs, and glasses. As mentioned above, if there are any broken kitchenware or tools, they should also be trashed if not needed anymore.

3. Electricity + Water Don’t Mix

As you’re looking at your water damaged appliances, stop the urge to plug the appliance in to see if it’s still operational. Chances are water has seeped into the electrical components of the appliances and either burned out the components or circuit boards. Even if the appliance seems to work properly at the moment, the water damage can cause electrical issues in the future and the real possibility of fire. It is also extremely dangerous to attempt to operate any of your electrical appliances while standing on a wet carpet or floors because you might end up electrocuting yourself.

4. Let The Pros Handle It

Never try to dry off your house or building interiors yourself with a blower or any heat inducing gadget. Doing any water damage restoration to your house yourself, will only bring about mildew as well as even more moisture damage to your house. ServiceMaster Tupelo has completed tens of thousands of successful water cleanup and dehumidification projects. We have the experience and expertise to help you when water damage occurs. We know you need a restoration company to get the job done now and get it done right. We give them the tools they need to serve you by continuously investing in the latest extraction and dehumidification equipment. We do this because we are dedicated to ensuring that you, the property owner, and your insurance carrier receive the best service possible as your home is restored to pre-loss condition.