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HVAC Cleaning

HVAC cleaningOur Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) cleaning system collects dust and debris removing 99.97% of your system’s harmful contaminants. We inhibit mold or mildew through application of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered sanitizer.

No filter, not even the expensive electrostatic kind, is 100% effective at filtering out contaminants from your duct system. Harmful contaminants infiltrate your ducts from other places aside from where your filter is located.

Once air goes through your filter, it’s sucked through the machinery that makes up your furnace or air conditioner. As a result, each time your system turns on, its moving parts and unit vibration shake up the dust that typically settles in your ducts. The air that just went through your filter now blows that dust into your home.

In addition, the process of heating or cooling creates the kind of temperature and humidity changes in your ducts that enable the growth of unhealthy mold, fungus and bacteria.

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