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Room full of fans drying carpet.Water Drying and Restoration Services Contractor

Boulder, CO and North Metro Denver, CO water drying, flooding damages restorations services.

Water Drying Services: Minimize Water Damage and Loss

The scope of drying services extends beyond water extraction to include a variety of specialized treatments that correctly restore your water damaged home or workplace and property.

After an unfortunate mishap involving water, you want to minimize as much water damage as possible to lessen your loss and quickly return to a dry and safe environment. Accordingly, when water penetration occurs whether it is from a slow ceiling leak or a sudden basement flood everything affected calls for a specific drying service, along with prompt action.

Mitigating Flooding Damages Safely, Quickly, Effectively

The range of our water drying restoration contractor services spans from the elimination of heavy moisture in the air and building structure down to the drying of water soaked carpet and even documents.

At Service Master of Boulder and Westminster, our experts specialize in state of the art drying technology, so we can provide a variety of services to solve your unique problems–all arising from water intrusion.

Before water damage restoration begins, our Project Manager will inspect the materials and contents in your home or workplace to assess the degree of water penetration and damage. Most of the drying will occur In-Place. However, some items may need to be removed from your premises and dried off-site.

Water and Flooding Drying Services for Water Damage Restoration

General Area Drying

Following best practices our professional restorers utilize high-speed air movers, high-capacity dehumidifiers and commercial air scrubbers to extract, evaporate and dehumidify moisture and particles from your indoor environment.

Water tends to migrate into concealed areas such as the space behind walls, baseboards and trim, and under floor coverings and cabinets to name a few. Because of this, moisture detectors in combination with thermal imaging may be used to identify and measure water penetration in trouble areas. If detected, additional drying services are utilized to protect your property from decay, mold and odor.

Drying Wet Walls and Wallboard

The method used for drying walls depends on the type of material, as well as wall covering such as paint or wall paper.

Another factor is whether water intruded behind the walls. If so, to dry these hidden areas sometimes holes may be drilled behind the baseboards to insert tubes connected to dryers designed specifically for drying inner wall cavities. The efficient and effective removal of moisture penetrated surfaces helps to prevent the swelling and wicking of drywall and other materials.

Drying Carpets

In instances where there is considerable water penetration, simply moving warm air over the carpet’s surface will not do an adequate job.

The carpet, padding and sub-floor all need to be inspected to determine the most economical course of action to restoring your carpet. Because each situation is unique, the drying services utilized can vary between In-Place methods like weighted extraction followed by drying to the removal and disposal of carpet and padding in severe cases.

Drying Hardwood Flooring

Typically, a hardwood floor absorbs the water that seeps underneath it, so again simply drying the surface may not be effective. When the hardwoods can be saved, our experienced technicians utilize a vacuum panel or heat floor drying system specifically for hardwood floors. They continually monitor moisture levels in wet hardwoods to reach the optimal moisture content for your specific type of flooring.

Additional Drying and Water Restoration Services

These are just a few of our technology driven drying services. Whatever your needs, from restoring a flooded household or workplace to drying area rugs we can help you.

Water Damage Restoration after a Flood

Water damage restoration is a big job for an inexperienced homeowner or property manager. If you’re experiencing a flood incident, you’ll find yourself dealing with soggy carpeting, damp furnishings, and damaged appliances and electronics. In addition, there’s always the possibility of water damage to your home or building’s structure and materials, not to mention the risk of mold.

Needless to say, a flood can cause despair, particularly when you don’t know what to do or who to turn to. In this article, our team at ServiceMaster of Boulder County, with years of water damage restoration experience, explains our professional approach to cleaning up after a flood.

How ServiceMaster of Boulder Approaches Flood Water Damage Restoration

Flood Damage Drying Services

Water is a very destructive force that may also contain contaminates in some flooding situations. So, the sooner your home or workplace and its contents are dried and cleaned, the better. ServiceMaster of Boulder acts quickly to mitigate current damage, and also prevent secondary damage caused by mold and water borne contaminates.

After flood water recedes, the water damage restoration process begins. In situations where water is still standing, our technicians at ServiceMaster of Boulder extract the excess using vacuums or truck mounted pumps. Once this is finished, mud and other debris are removed.

During water damage restoration, our technicians may move furniture out of wet or damp areas to dry and clean accordingly, based on the type of material affected. Additionally, they inspect materials and contents using professional judgment to determine what can be repaired or should be replaced. Often, porous items such as mattresses soaked with contaminated water will need to be replaced.

To speed up the drying process, our team uses specialty air-movers and high capacity dehumidifiers while monitoring moisture levels to ensure the area is completely dry. Often inaccessible places accumulate water and moisture, for example under floorboards or behind drywall, even though these spaces appear to be dry from the outside. Our restorers find those moisture pockets with specialized moisture detectors and either remove the materials in cases of heavy damage or use heat injectors in contained areas.

Flood Damage Clean Up

Meanwhile, during water damage restoration everything affected by flood water that is salvageable will be thoroughly washed and disinfected, and in some cases fungicides are applied to control mold growth.

Typically, solid wood furniture can be cleaned up nicely, however upholstered furniture and carpet saturated with unsanitary water may need to be removed. When prompt action is taken our specialized wood floor drying systems can reverse the damaging effects of a flood.

Appliances, such as washers, dryers and dishwashers typically can be restored but again that depends on the extent of water damage. Restoring refrigerators and freezers may be more complex due to their foam insulation.

In the kitchen, our cleaning professionals will dispose of food and soft plastics or porous kitchen items to prevent the risk of illness from contamination. Hard surfaces and non-absorbent items can be safely restored.

Our trained technicians at ServiceMaster follow IICRC standards and use state-of-the-art technology to reverse the effects of water damage, including those for valuable keepsakes and antiques, as well as important documents.

With offices located in Boulder and Westminster, Service Master also provides drying services to the surrounding cities of Arvada, Broomfield, Erie, Gunbarrel, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, Niwot, Northglenn, Superior, and Thornton, Colorado.