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Boulder, CO Area Water Damage Restoration, Cleanup and Extraction

Water Damage Restoration - Boulder County & the Entire Northwest Denver, CO Metro Area

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Water Damage Restoration and Professional Cleanup & Drying Services

24 hr 7 day a week Emergency Response Team

  • Water Extraction
  • Home flooding water cleanup & professional water extraction
  • Emergency Board Up
  • Water Drying Extraction & De-humidification
  • Hardwood floor drying/restoration
  • Basement flooding cleanup, restoration and response
  • Specialty heat drying of high value materials
  • Crawl Space drying systems
  • Drain backups or sewer backup cleanup services
  • Demolition and Removal services
  • Water and Flood Damage Cleanup & Restoration
  • Moisture Monitoring and Inspection
  • Infra-red Thermal Imaging
  • Pack out/Content Storage
  • HVAC Cleaning and Restoration
  • Electronic Equipment Restoration
  • Temporary Power/Climate control systems
  • Frozen and burst water pipe damages mitigation
  • Full Service Project Management
  • Insurance Claim Coordination

Understanding Water Damage

When water damage occurs, water typically spreads out from the source and flows through the path of least resistance. Materials such as wood, drywall and floor coverings will soak up the moisture which can lead to unpleasant secondary damages and effects if not addressed in a timely fashion. The wetting of materials can cause swelling of sub floors as well as primary floor coverings like hardwoods.

Please read our list of some of the most common causes of water damages for residential properties.

Floor coverings such as carpet may experience staining from furniture or a weakening of the primary and secondary backings of manufactured carpet. Materials such as drywall may ‘wick’ moisture which if not properly dried or removed could lead to further damage and microbial contamination.

All wet materials in a structure need to be addressed in a timely fashion so as to prevent additional or secondary damages from occurring to the structure.

Preventing Water Damage In Your Home

It is very important to determine the source of your water damage prior to the start of mitigation services. It may be necessary to turn the water off to the property to prevent further damages to the structure or to contact a licensed plumbing professional to identify and repair the source of the water damage.

Furthermore it is important for your ServiceMaster Representative to understand the Source of the loss so that we may properly assist and address your water damage emergency and recovery. The following link will provide you with some of the most common causes of water damage and what you can do to help prevent the damage from occurring in the first place.

Evaluating Water Damages

During the early stages of a water damage loss, it is critical to have a water damage professional on-site who can quickly arrive at your home or business and properly evaluate the affected materials and areas of the structure. Promptly addressing the affected areas and materials will prevent mold and additional damages to the structure and will also help to expedite the drying and water mitigation services required to bring the structure back to a pre-loss condition. It will also allow us to quickly assess major concerns like can your carpet be saved after flooding etc

Because water will flow through the path of least resistance it is important to understand that all affected areas are not easily seen through visual inspection alone. When our team arrives on site, they will have multiple tools available to quickly and thoroughly address and find trapped moisture in your home or business. These tools include state of the art Infra-Red cameras that can find trapped moisture, as well as numerous moisture meters that can be used to measure the amount of moisture in the affected materials.

After a member of our Professional Team assesses the damages, we will then be prepared to begin Emergency Water Damage Services to expedite drying and preventing further damages to your property.

Providing Emergency Services

After a thorough inspection of the affected areas and materials, ServiceMaster of Boulder County Colorado will begin providing emergency water damage response services to your property. Emergency Services typically includes extraction of water from floor coverings and hard surfaces.

We will protect personal property and contents by either moving them from the affected area and/or blocking and padding items so they are no longer in contact with wet materials. After we have extracted water from affected areas and protected contents, we will install a drying system in the affected areas to allow for rapid evaporation and dehumidification to further facilitate drying of affected materials.

Follow Up And Equipment Monitoring Visits

After the initial Emergency Water Damage Service is performed, you will be contacted by a member of our Professional Team who will arrange a time to visit the job site to inspect for further damages as well as to monitor and reset the previously installed drying equipment. Typically, we will monitor the drying progress on a daily basis or once every 24 hrs. This of course will be dependent on numerous variables and you and your Project Manager will arrange for the most prudent course of action regarding visits to your home or business.

On average, water damage losses typically take 3-7 days to complete and in order to expedite the process it is important to monitor the progress at the job site as deemed necessary by all involved parties.

Payment for Services

In many cases, water damage losses may be covered by your insurance policy. Only your Insurance Carrier can make a determination regarding coverage to your loss. We are happy to work with all Insurance Companies should you have a covered loss under your homeowners or commercial policy.

Ultimately, you the property owner are responsible for payment for service provided, though we are paid directly by insurance carriers for the majority of claims we service.

Understanding The Water Damage Restoration and Extraction Process

While water damage restoration sounds like a big phrase and the process is unfamiliar to many individuals, the steps involved are easily explained. If you’re dealing with a water disaster, our experienced professionals at ServiceMaster of Boulder County briefly clarify the procedures necessary to get your home or business back in order, promptly.

Essentially, water damage restoration is the process of returning your home or business back to its pre-loss condition after the occurrence of any type of water damage incident. A few of the more common causes of water damage in Boulder County include a faulty appliance, frozen pipe, sewer back-up and weather induced flooding.

The water damage restoration process involves the basic steps of damage assessment, water removal, structure and contents clean-up, water extraction, drying and in some cases mold prevention or removal.

At ServiceMaster of Boulder County, we provide 24 hour water damage emergency service. After we receive your call, the first step is to inspect, assess and document the level of damage that’s occurred in your home or business. During this phase, a project manager will recommend a plan of action.

Water Extraction & Removal

An unfortunate water incident can leave you with a substantial amount of standing water. Or, if the water receded you’ll be dealing with drenched carpets, furniture and personal belongings.

Accordingly, our professionals pump out excess water and extract the rest using truck mounted pumps and other specialized equipment.

Water Damage Clean-up by Professional Technicians

After the water is removed, the clean-up process begins. This entails removing and discarding debris and items that can’t be restored. Then, our trained professional technicians thoroughly wash and disinfect the structure’s walls, ceilings and floors, as well as all salvageable contents affected.

Drying With Flood Drying Equipment

Drying with specialized drying equipment is another very important step of water damage restoration. Even though the structure of a home or building may appear to be dry, pockets of water and moisture may be present in hard to reach areas. If all of the moisture isn’t removed, water damage will continue to progress.

Our technicians use air movers, commercial dryers and dehumidifiers to ensure everything is completely dry.

ServiceMaster of Boulder County and Westminster provides water damage restoration services in the following communities and beyond: Arvada, Boulder, Broomfield, Brighton, Commerce City, Dacono, Erie, Firestone, Frederick, Gunbarrel, Lafayette, Lakewood, Littleton, Longmont, Louisville, Lyons, Nederland, Niwot, Northglenn, Superior, Thornton and Westminster, Colorado.