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Beware of Fallen Leaves

No matter where you look these days, the colors of fall are bountiful. However, the beauty of fall foliage can mask the hidden hazards of fallen leaves and the damage they can do near or around the home. Here are just a few:

Clogged Gutters/Downspouts: When leaves clutter a gutter or downspout, water can actually seep toward the house versus away from it. Roof leaks become more likely, which over time damage a home’s interior, including furniture and appliances. The water spillover often hits the ground next to the foundation, leading to potential structural damage or basement flooding.

Parking on Fallen Leaves: Foliage is not always wet, and piles of leaves can become a fire hazard. Exhaust or a catalytic converter might ignite and quickly takeover the car. 

Storm Drain Overflow: While homeowners have little control over the clearing of roadside storm drains, ponding and flooding may occur and create hazardous driving, including hydroplaning. The overabundance of water is not the only risk. Wet leaves can make for very slippery conditions.

Mold Growth: Damp conditions, including foliage, increase the likelihood of mold which can cause allergic reactions such as headaches, bronchitis , runny nose, asthma and more.

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