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Water Damage Restoration & Remediation in South Jersey

Water Mitigation Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill has been serving the residents of Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester Counties as well as Philadelphia County for over 30 years. We know that water can damage a home or business at any time and its effects, if not mitigated properly, could cause further damage to your home and also your health.

    Are you in need of expert water damage restoration in the South Jersey area? call us at (856) 369-3830 or Contact us online today.

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    Our South Jersey Water Damage Restoration Services

    ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill's water damage restoration services offer complete, professional solutions to water-damaged homes and businesses. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in water damage restoration and remediation in South Jersey, utilizing advanced equipment and proven techniques to quickly clean, dry, and restore homes affected by water damage.

    Water Mitigation Process

    We understand the urgency of our service—every hour that water is left unmitigated puts a home at risk for expensive secondary damages like mold growth. As part of our water damage restoration process, we begin with thoroughly assessing the affected areas followed by removing any water and damaged materials.

    Eliminating All Remaining Moisture

    After the water removal phase is complete, our team sets up its advanced drying equipment to quickly and safely dry out your South Jersey home. We will review all surfaces for any remaining moisture as we disinfect materials and surfaces that were exposed to water.

    Repairing & Rebuilding

    Lastly, a full cleanup is conducted as well as repairing and rebuilding where any damage occurred. ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill is here to provide a comprehensive solution for each customer’s water damage needs.

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      Water Disasters Pose the Risk for Mold Growth

      Unfortunately, disasters can beget more disasters. In the case of water damage, moisture that is trapped deep within wood and other material can become prime breeding grounds for mold growth.

      Our restoration specialists offer all matters of mold treatment - from mold inspection and testing to mold clean-up and growth prevention. Partner with us for trusted mold removal and remediation in Cherry Hill.

      Our expert water damage restoration team is standing by to help you. Call(856) 369-3830 tocontact ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill! Available 24/7!

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      Common Causes of Water Damage in Cherry Hill

      Water damage is one of the most common and costly issues facing homeowners and business owners. Water damage can be caused by a variety of sources, ranging from natural disasters to plumbing problems. Understanding the main causes of water damage in homes is key to preventing it from happening in the first place.

      Water Damage Caused by Flooding

      One of the most common causes is flooding, which occurs when water enters an area where it’s not supposed to and causes damage to structures and belongings. Floods occur when large amounts of rain or melting snow overwhelm drainage systems or rivers overflow their banks due to heavy rains or other weather events such as hurricanes or tornadoes.

      Water Damage From Burst Pipes and Clogged Drains

      Other causes may include plumbing issues such as burst pipes, leaking appliances, or overflowing toilets. Additionally, natural disasters such as storms and heavy rain events can cause water to either flood a home or seep into different parts of the home.

      Burst pipes happen when aging pipes become corroded over time leading them to crack under pressure from high-pressure lines like those found near hot water heaters; this often results in flooding an entire home with pressurized streams that can cause severe structural damages if not addressed quickly enough.

      Water Damage Caused by Roof Leaks

      Roof leaks are another major source for indoor flooding; these normally result from poor maintenance on roofs which allows moisture infiltration into attics. This can eventually result in serious mold growth inside walls as well as visible ceiling stains throughout your house interior rooms..

      Additional causes of water damage in South Jersey:

      • Sewer backup
      • Supply line break
      • Ice maker line break
      • Ground water
      • Sump pump fail
      • Washing machine back up
      • Dishwasher malfunction

      What are the Types of Water Damage?

      Water damage is categorized into three primary categories based on the level of contamination and health risks associated with the water source. These categories help professionals determine the appropriate cleanup and restoration procedures.

      Here are the water damage categories:

      • Category 1 - Clean Water Damage: This category involves water damage from clean water sources. These sources include broken water supply lines, overflowing sinks or bathtubs, and malfunctioning appliances. The water in this category is considered safe and does not pose an immediate health risk. Cleanup and restoration typically involve extracting the water, drying affected materials, and monitoring for potential mold growth.
      • Category 2 - Grey Water Damage: Grey water damage typically results from water that has been used for washing dishes, doing laundry, or bathing. While it may contain some contaminants and chemicals, it is not heavily polluted like black water. Grey water can pose health risks if left unaddressed and deteriorate into black water damage over time. Restoration may involve more extensive cleaning and disinfection.
      • Category 3 - Black Water Damage: Black water damage is the most severe and highly contaminated category. It often results from sources like sewage backups, flooding, or water that has been standing for an extended period. Black water contains harmful microorganisms, bacteria, and potentially toxic substances. Cleanup and restoration require specialized protective measures and equipment due to the significant health risks.

      Understanding these categories is crucial for property owners and restoration professionals to determine the appropriate safety measures and cleanup techniques. It helps ensure that the restoration process effectively addresses the health risks and contamination levels associated with the water damage.

      What To Do After a Flood

      Water damage can happen any time -- whether it is after severe weather or a serious plumbing issue, there are some things you can do to help get ready for the arrival of your water damage remediation and restoration experts from ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill.

      How to prepare for your water damage restoration service:

      1. Protect yourself and your family by shutting off your electricity. Switch the circuit breakers off and unplug any electronic devices. If your property is severely flooded, proceed with caution. Wear rubber gloves, waterproof boots, and protective clothing.
      2. If you can, stop the water damage. If there is a burst pipe, shut off your water valves. If you are able to stop the water damage before it gets serious, even better. For example, if you notice a leaky ceiling, contact a professional local plumber near you who can pinpoint the source of your leak before it gets worse. Water mitigation is key to the best restoration results.
      3. Reach out to your insurance company. Learn what steps to take in regard to documenting the damage and estimating the cost of repairs.
      4. Dry things out. Mold can begin to grow on a water-damaged property in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Be sure to move small items to dry areas of your home to prevent further damage. Remove or hang curtains so that they may dry. If possible, remove any wet furniture. Open your windows, use fans, or the air conditioner to help improve airflow throughout the home and encourage drying.
      5. Call ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill for water damage restoration services. If you or someone you love has a water damage emergency in South Jersey, we are available 24/7. Reach out to us today to perform all matters of remediation and restoration - from advanced water extraction to any required water damage repair.

      Call (856) 369-3830 or Contact us online today to learn more about our water mitigation process in Cherry Hill, NJ, or to schedule an appointment today.