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Hoarding and Squatter Clean Up

ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill has been resorting home in Moorestown, NJ for over 30 years. When a home is affected by hoarding it can be an immensely stressful and confusing time for both the homeowner and the family members involved. Hoarding is a compulsive disorder that is characterize by excessively collecting and the inability to discard of objects that make living areas unusable.

Here is what we at ServiceMaster know with regard to hoarding and handling claims that involve hoarders:

  • Hoarding begins because of a traumatic loss. For example: divorce, death, loss of a job, and so on.
  • Hoarding is not about the stuff being hoarded.
  • When working with someone that is hoarding, communication is king.
  • All hoarding cases are different and the pattern involved in hoarding dictates how you should clean up the mess.
  • Hoarding can become so severe that it can cause damage to the property that is unseen.
  • and much more.

Here at ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill, we specialize in restoring homes that have been affected by hoarding. We can take a home in its most severe case and make it look good as new. If you or a family member are affected by hoarding, then I want to invite you to make an appointment with us. We will send a manager on-site to walk through and put a plan together to restore the property. We can work hand in hand to ensure that you or your family member has peace of mind throughout the process.