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Ice Damns-Can Cause More Damage Than Meets the Eye

Ice damns occur when snow on a roof melts, runs down the slope and gets to the edge/soffit and refreezes. This process happens repeatedly and the ice builds up and prevents natural drainage off a roof. This can then cause the water to actually run uphill under shingles and even metal roofs.

snow on trees and roof

Once ice damns form they can cause damage to your shingles, sheathing, insulation, interior ceilings and walls, flooring and more. By the time you notice water inside the home or business, damage has already been done behind the scene.

ice and snow on roof


Prevention is your best way to prevent from having a major water damage to your home or business. Ice damns start with melting snow; the snow melts either from heat loss from the home or being heated up from sunlight or air temperatures.

We cannot control the weather, so checking insulation levels can be a good place to start. Secondly, having your attic space properly vented will allow it to stay cool which will prevent snow from melting in the first place.  Keeping snow off your roof initially will stop these types of issues from occurring; this can be accomplished by using a roof rake or hiring a professional service to remove the snow for you.  In some cases heated cables can help prevent buildup along edges of roofs. Every building and roof scenario is different so finding the right solution for your home or business might take some research or contacting a specialist.

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We Are Here To Help

While we all hope to prevent ice damns from happening in the first place some times things happen and every day life can seem like it is turned upside-down. If you notice water entering your home from above, below, or anywhere, we can help locate the source and help come up with a plan to remedy the problem. Our trained specialty is then to ensure that structure gets dried and cleaned properly to prevent any growth. Call us if you have questions or are in need of assistance.

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