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What’s that smell?

High humidity can cause odors to be stronger than usual. Sometimes these smells are pleasant like walking into a greenhouse with fresh flowers in spring, while others can be unpleasant such as a wet and stale basement or pet odors where Felix didn’t make it to the litter box or Fido didn’t get outside on time. Other times the source of these odors are not obvious.

Fungi and Bacteria Odors

Fungi and Bacteria release Microbiological Volatile Organic Compounds or MVOCs. Those musty odors are commonly associated with mold growth and are present when active microbial growth is occurring. This process starts 24-48 hours after water has been introduced. If fungi is made dormant these odors may dissipate, but when water is reintroduced the process will start again where it left off. Bacteria can grow whenever excessive moisture is present; often from unsanitary water or clean water that has come into contact with unsanitary areas such as a pet soiled area or spilled food (which may have happened some time ago). Bacteria odors tend to be more pungent and bitter than fungi odors because they are caused by organism digestion. Because of the rapid growth rate of bacteria and fungi it is in a homeowners best interest to have a restoration process happen as soon as possible when a water damage occurs.

Water damages such as broken pipes, overflowed bathtub, or flood waters may be obvious when they happen but fungi and bacteria can grow if the relative humidity level remains above 60% for a period of time. This creates an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. Having a dehumidifier or air conditioner removing extra humidity in the spring and summer months can help keep an environment healthier. But in order to allow those types of dehumidification to be effective, we highly recommend air circulation. Ceiling fans and central air are great ways to promote evaporation and keep water molecules energized which prevents growth.

We are trained to cleanup areas from various causes of bacteria and fungi odors.

Moldy walls and carpet

Pet Odors

We love our pets, but they can cause a room to have an off odor for many reasons. If Fido went swimming and ran into your living room and rolled all over your living room rug; a good carpet cleaning can help remove those odors. But, when Felix decided that the litter box was not where he wanted to go, we may be able to help remove those odors and stains without much disarray depending on the saturation amounts. If urine has soaked down into carpet padding or the sub-floor, more steps need to be taken to eliminate the odors present. These types of odors can often go unnoticed until humidity levels get high and the bacteria levels increase.

Pet stained carpet amplified by a water damage.

Smoke Odors

Smoke odors can be difficult to eliminate from a home because of the nature in that it occurs. Whether it is nicotine smoke or a kitchen fire the smoke molecules are extremely small that they can penetrate many hard to clean areas. These types of odors may call for removal of some items, detailed cleaning, using a sealer on some surfaces along with air purification techniques. We utilize our Hydroxyl and Ozone generators to assist with these difficult to remove odors.

Hot kitchen fire allows smoke and odor to penetrate many nooks and crannies.

Other Smells

An off smelling room can change an opinion of a space and how you use it. Using fragrances to cover up odors only mask what the source of a smell is. Until the cause is removed the odor can continue to linger. We have seen that odors can turn people away from using a space as it was intended. Our technicians have experience and are trained to located and help resolve unpleasant smells in a home or business.

If odor is something you are dealing with, give us a call and we well find a way to get to the cause of the issue.