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Posts from 2022

  • WHY ROUTINE CARPET CLEANING IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR COMMERCIAL BUSINESS The atmosphere of an office or a business property has a major impact on employees, customers, and anybody who spends time there. Workplace cleanliness plays a bigger role than you might think. This includes the carpets at your business as well! Without professional carpet ... Continue Reading
  • WHY YOU SHOULDN’T USE BLEACH ON MOLD Mold is not a topic that most homeowners want to think about since most homeowners find it concerning. If they are discussing mold, it is likely because they have discovered some mold in their home, and as it can be both dangerous and costly, chances are if you find some, ... Continue Reading
  • WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT FIRE-DAMAGED HOMES FOR SALE A house fire is one of a homeowner’s fears, not only because it translates to costly personal property losses, but also because of its after-effects to health and structure. Restoration and repairs can also be expensive; this remains true even for those who are planning to ... Continue Reading
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