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Many factors cause water damage. It occurs whenever water begins to collect someplace it shouldn’t, whether that be your kitchen floor, walls, the corner of your basement, or any areas in your home. No matter what the reason may be, you need to act fast! You should call professionals for water damage mitigation in East Ridge to help you find the root cause and help to stop the spread before further damage is done.

Read on to learn what the top causes of water damage are in most homes.


Many factors could cause the pipes in your building to become damaged or even burst. A few ways to tell if you have water damage due to pipe issues is if you notice water stains on your building’s walls, floors, or ceilings, cracked or loose tiles, or if you notice a moldy or stuffy smell in the area. On some occasions, you can also hear a hissing sound in the areas where your pipes are. If you notice these, then you must call professionals for water damage mitigation in Cartersville.


Your plumbing system is susceptible to stoppages, clogs, and damages. If a crack develops, this will most likely lead to potential water damage. Always observe and be aware of how your plumbing performs. If you notice that the drain isn’t working, or probably you notice signs of moisture, blue stains, rusting, cracking, and bulging, then it’s time to call water damage experts in East Ridge. You shouldn’t wait for this to happen though. You must have a periodic check from your plumbers to make sure that your plumbing system won’t encounter enormous problems in the future. 


Dark places in your home have the potential to have moisture build-up and allow mold to grow freely. Any moisture making its way through your home’s concrete foundation can lead to leaks in your basement. And if you have an air leak between your attic and your home, you may be accumulating moisture on the underside of the roof. This goes unnoticeable until it becomes a massive problem. 


Our appliances at home will eventually reach its end of life. So, when this happens, we have to immediately check rusting and other leakages. This can cause water damage. Examples of appliances to watch out for are washing machines or your tanks.


Maintaining a clean HVAC system is essential for keeping your commercial and residential premises safe and comfortable for everyone. Over time, HVAC ducts can begin to wear out or get damaged, which will lead to water fissure. In order to avoid these issues or spot them early, your HVAC systems should be regularly cleaned and maintained by a professional. This can decrease the probability of having worse problems in the future.


Flash floods, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and other severe weather can cause significant damage to your property, including water damage. While you can’t prevent these natural disasters from happening, there are some precautionary steps you can take to make sure your property is in good shape and is as prepared as possible for these events. However, if your safety is questionable, you must follow the evacuation procedure that is set by your local authorities.

If you are experiencing water damage in your property, always be ready for a water damage reconstruction in East RidgeThe span of time spent in waiting or doing nothing about it could lead to even bigger problems. You have to be ready all the time.

ServiceMaster of Cobb is always ready to serve you! That’s why we’re your best water damage company in East Ridge and Cartersville. Reach us at these numbers for your water damage restoration needs!