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Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Chattanooga

Professional Water Damage Restoration Near You

In addition to being your lifeline, your business is also your pride and joy. You create something special when you own a business, something utterly and uniquely yours. This is why it's so upsetting to see it damaged by floods or water. If this happens to you, a professional water damage restoration company can help you quickly get back to work.

If your Chattanooga business has been flooded or damaged by water, just call on us at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration - Chattanooga. In just a few minutes, we'll create a plan for getting your business back on its feet. We can restore your access to your business, assess the damage, inspect its source, remove any pooling water, humidity, and mold traces, repair the structure of your business, and get back to normal so that you can get back to work.

Whenever your business has been damaged by water, call our Chattanooga water damage restoration company at (423) 528-8518 or contact us online.

Our Water Restoration Process


A water damage inspection and assessment is the first step in resolving the issue if your property has been damaged. We will fully inspect your property and provide you with a water damage estimate. If applicable, we'll stop the flow of water immediately to prevent further damage. In addition, we'll work directly with the property owner to move or block furniture and other belongings to prevent further damage.


Our team will begin working on removal and extraction once the property has been thoroughly inspected and the damage has been assessed. In the event that there is severe water damage and extensive cleaning is required, you might want to consider our Pack out and Cleaning Service. It will prevent your belongings from further damage during removal.


Your property will appear dry once the removal and extraction process is complete. However, this process has only just begun. Drywall, wood, carpeting, and wood floors can retain a great deal of moisture and humidity. It will be necessary to dehumidify it in this case. Using industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movement devices, our team will control the humidity and temperature at your property to remove any remaining moisture.

Sanitizing and Cleaning

As soon as the extraction process is complete and the property has been properly dehumidified, our team will begin the sanitization process. In order to make your property habitable and safe, it will be cleaned and treated carefully. Any water damage materials that were used during the process will also be disposed of.


In the restoration stage, your property is returned to the condition it was in before the damage occurred. Depending on the condition of your property, you might need to rebuild or reconstruct your property.

Preventing Future Water Damage

At ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration - Chattanooga, we understand the frustration and stress that comes with water damage in your home or business. That's why we not only provide professional water damage restoration services, but we also offer tips and advice to prevent future water damage.

Here are some preventative measures you can take:

  • Regularly inspect pipes, faucets, and appliances for leaks or damage
  • Clean gutters and downspouts to prevent water from overflowing onto your property
  • Install a sump pump to prevent water from accumulating in your basement
  • Ensure proper ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens to prevent moisture buildup
  • Keep an eye on your water bill - a sudden increase may indicate a leak

By taking these steps, you can reduce the risk of water damage in your home or business. However, if you do experience water damage, our team is available 24/7 to provide efficient and effective restoration services.

Why Choose ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration - Chattanooga?

You might have other options for commercial water damage restoration, but few offer everything we do. Our experts have been helping business owners like you repair and rebuild for over 65 years. With all that experience, we bring a great deal of expertise to your property.

In order to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible, we commit to working with you and communicating with you throughout the process. You can also reach us 24/7 if you have an emergency. Let the experts who wrote the playbook for commercial restoration handle your business.

To schedule water damage restoration services in CHattanooga, call (423) 528-8518 or contact us online.