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Proactive Tips to Prevent Water Damage

Why Spotting Water Issues Early Is So Imperative

Water issues can cause significant property damage if not spotted and fixed promptly. From flooding to plumbing issues, untreated water problems can lead to structural and financial loss. As a property owner, it’s pivotal to check for signs of water damage on a regular basis.

Fortunately, ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs is always just a phone call away should any unexpected water damage arise. Our local restoration experts are available 24/7 – ready to rush to the rescue. However, the ideal situation is one where restoration work is not necessary. To avoid water emergencies, check out our advice below on how to avoid water damage proactively.

Invest in a Leak Detector

Leak detectors are great for monitoring leaks even when you’re not around! There are many different types of leak detectors available on the market, ranging from motion sensors to audible alarms. Whatever you choose, every leak detector is designed with the same fundamental objective – detecting leaks before they become a bigger problem!

Leak detectors are simple to install. Place the device in any area with a high probability of leaks (I.E., near water appliances) so that they can alert you about sudden elevations in water and moisture levels. Early water detection can help property owners address issues and hire a professional before the situation worsens!

Inspect Sinks and Drains

We recommend inspecting your sinks and drains every few months. Check for clogs in your drainpipes that could cause an overflow or backup later. Look inside and under your sinks for signs of water leakage, including corrosion, mold, and rust. Lastly, examine the faucet to ensure everything is in good condition with zero loose parts. If anything looks awry, call a plumber or restoration professional for repair or replacement services right away.

Avoid PVC & Copper Pipes

PVC pipes are highly susceptible to cracking due to their thin, cheap lining. Cracks can lead to major flooding events if a rupture occurs under high water pressure. Meanwhile, copper pipes tend to rust and corrode easily. Consider replacing your PVC or copper piping with PEX piping.

Monitor Your Water Bill

A sudden spike in your water bill is a sure sign of a plumbing issue or leak somewhere in your home. Leaks can lead to extensive water damage if not addressed immediately. That’s why tracking your water bills for any unusual activity is wise. Don’t hesitate to call a pro if you spot anything suspicious.

Install a Pressure Release Valve

Adding a pressure release valve to your main water line can be a lifesaver. A release valve will expel excess pressure to avoid ruptures, cracks, blockages, and plumbing line damage. This simple device can save a property owner from emergency flooding and thousands in plumbing restoration costs.

Maintain Gutters and Downspouts

Ensuring gutters and downspouts are properly maintained is an essential part of water damage prevention. Dead leaves, debris, foliage, branches, bird nests, and dirt can accumulate over time and clog gutters. Cleaning out gutters and downspouts will avoid these backups, ensuring water channels away from your property effectively instead of pooling around your foundation during heavy rains. Finally, installing gutter guards is another savvy option. Gutter guards can help circumvent clogging issues by diverting water away from your home.

Turn Off Your Water Main During Vacations

It is often wise to shut off your main water valve if you plan to be away from your home for an extended period. Whether headed out on vacation or a business trip, turning off the water can help ensure no unexpected flooding issues emerge due to a faulty appliance or pipe bursting while you are away.

Generally, there's minimal downside and significant upside to performing this proactive task if you turn it on safely and correctly. That said, turning off a main water line can lead to issues, depending on the weather and plumbing system. Please remember: Sudden and extreme changes in the pressure can impact the pipes and cause water hammers. Feel free to contact our team anytime if you’re uncertain about the risks associated with this task.

Regularly Troubleshoot Water Appliances

Appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and toilets need regular maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly and not leaking. Inspect the hoses on these appliances once every six months to ensure no cracks or weak spots emerged. Confirm all connections are tight, secure, and free from gaps where water might escape. If anything looks iffy, have it inspected by a professional.

Use a Water Flow Monitoring System to Track Low/Over-Pressurization

A water flow monitoring system is another excellent tool for preventing water damage proactively. This device measures both incoming and outgoing water flow throughout the day. Monitoring systems can be programmed to measure pressure levels and alert property owners when their system is operating outside normal parameters.

If there appears to be an increase or decrease in flow rate, the monitoring system can notify you of a potential issue, such as a ruptured pipe or clog! High-pressure readings may also indicate problems with valves/fittings, whereas low-pressure readings can indicate clogged pipes/fixtures. A pressure gauge will easily measure water pressure and flow levels second-by-second.

Hire a Reliable Restoration Specialist for Water Damage Situations

Keeping tabs on your plumbing system doesn't have to feel overwhelming. Preventing water damage has never been easier, given the availability of expert precautions and modern technology. Don't wait until it’s too late: start addressing potential issues today & save yourself from expensive repairs down the line!

Any water damage should be addressed by a qualified restoration professional without delay! At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, we specialize in delivering expert water damage restoration services. Our technicians have the resources and experience to repair your property quickly and efficiently!

Need water damage restoration assistance? Call (719) 356-3189 or contact us online today.