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Posts from 2012

  • Emergency water shutoff valve – Where is it? Knowing where your emergency water shut off is can save you thousands in damage. Take a few minutes and locate the shut off and make sure that it works. Your home may need a “water Key” if you are in city water. After many years theses keys can get lost, broken or simply not ... Continue Reading
  • Soot and smoke damage after a fire Smoke damage and soot damage are usually the result of a house or building fire. However, this damage can also occur from a fireplace or wood stove. No matter what the cause of the smoke and soot damage, cleaning the area can be a difficult task. Fire and smoke leave behind ... Continue Reading
  • A fire is a fire no matter how big or how small Fire is devastating no matter the size. There is no comparing large or small because each comes with its own set of problems. Are you prepared for a small fire in your kitchen? Do you have a fire extinguisher near the stove and do you know how it works? Do you know what type ... Continue Reading
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