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In the average Dubuque, IA home, smoke is mostly produced in a few controlled ways such as cooking, candles, heat sources around the home, or through smoking habits. Though tiny, intermittent amounts of smoke aren’t the end of the world, preventing excessive exposure to smoke is a great way to keep your home in good condition. As soon as smoke makes a regular, recurring appearance in a home, smoke and fire damage become a real possibility. For major and minor household smoke damage repair, ServiceMaster of the Key City can help.

Smoke damage can manifest from a single, devastating event or occur gradually due to frequent and repeated exposure. Either way, smoke damage is a lasting form of home damage. Unlike major fire damage events, smoke damage can be perpetuated by any number of normal household activities and is only exacerbated by time. Preventing smoke damage from causing permanent harm to your home necessitates developing a keen eye for damage and staying vigilant even during normal household activities.

Cooking: Cooking is one of the most common household fire hazards simply due to the frequency in which it occurs, but you don’t necessarily have to stoke a blaze in the kitchen to sustain fire and smoke damage from cooking. If you tend to work with high heat and oils on the stove top, you may find yourself with discolored ceilings, walls, backsplashes, and beyond. Plus, a single instance of leaving that pan unattended for too long can leave your kitchen stained black with soot following a sudden flame.

Smoking: True to its name, smoking produces enough smoke to leave permanent smoke stains and discoloration around your house. Thanks to the chemical makeup of cigarettes and cigars, smoke produced by smoking tends to be sticky and hard to remove. Even if you smoke near windows or vents, the quick-rising particulates can still find their way onto and seep into almost every type of surface in your home.

Accidental Fires: Faulty outlets or wiring, papers left near a heater or candle, or a spark from an overworked power strip can start a fire. While small, accidental fires are not the end of the world in the average home, they can still produce enough smoke to leave you with severe smoke damage in a matter of seconds. Even if it only burns for a short period of time, small fires can leave carpets, walls, and furniture scorched and smokey.

No matter the source, smoke carries with it staining power and corrosive properties that can leave your home smoke damaged. If your Dubuque, IA property has been impacted by smoke damage, ServiceMaster of the Key City offers comprehensive fire damage repair. Call us today at (563) 557-1488 or contact us online for additional information!