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Treating mold damage early is essential if you want to prevent long-term issues for your Dubuque, IA home. Without effective mitigation, mold damage can spread quickly and rack up nearly endless expenses. Our water damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster of the Key City recommend that homeowners request assistance as soon as early warning signs of a mold infestation are noted.

One of the simplest ways to catch mold early is to familiarize yourself with potential risk areas for water damage in your home. For instance, any spots in the home that are frequently damp, have been impacted by spills, or are exposed to the weather may be potential risk areas. If you begin to notice discoloration or odd spotting around any of these areas, it may be time to take mitigating action. This basic awareness may help you stop mold damage before it has the opportunity to spread beyond those specific areas.

However, even if you can’t identify any clear high-risk areas in your home, you can still find mold before it overtakes your whole house. This is possible thanks to some of the other natural characteristics of mold and mildew, namely, they may also give off a distinct smell. Even if you’re unable to identify the smell by name, areas of the home that tend to be damp can develop a certain musty scent. If the air in certain parts of your home begins to smell (or even tastes) mildew, it could be indicative of spore growth. If you can’t see mold in your home, relying upon your sense of smell could be the next best pathway to mold identification.

Unfortunately, the nature of mold damage may mean that, in some cases, it can still be largely undetectable by smell or sight. In these cases, it’s possible that you’ll become aware of the presence of mold due to other physical reactions. Mold spores can cause unusual symptoms in adults, children, and even pets. For individuals with respiratory sensitivities or allergies, they may see an increase in symptoms. Sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, rashes, and other symptoms of unknown origin can, in some cases, be attributed to mold damage. Though deadly cases of mold exposure are rare, even relatively mild infestations can trigger symptoms and illness.

If you think you may be contending with mold growth somewhere in your home, take action sooner rather than later. ServiceMaster of the Key City offers comprehensive mold damage restoration and water damage restoration in early and late stages. If your Dubuque, IA home has been impacted by any form of mold damage, call us today at (563) 412-5876 for more information.