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Carpeting can make or break a comfortable space in your Dubuque, IA, home. When it’s clean, fluffy, and really looking its best, a carpet can elevate a room and make it feel truly inviting to guests and residents on a daily basis. But once the carpet starts to get grimy or grungy, it drags a room down, bit by bit, until the space feels nigh uninhabitable. This is especially true when the carpet in question has been impacted by stains. At ServiceMaster of the Key City, we offer deep, one-time carpet cleaning that revitalizes carpets and helps prevent stain damage from settling into your home forever.

Speed is generally of the essence after large carpet stains have occurred. The more time a stain has to seep and sink in, the worse the long-term damage will become. However, regardless of the age of the stain, it’s always wise to employ deep, professional carpet cleaning as soon as you notice that it might not be looking its best. Preventing stain damage to your carpets may take a little more than some baking soda and warm water. With expert carpet cleaning, you can rest assured that stains are being treated even beyond the surface of your carpet.

It’s important to remember that stains can damage your carpet beyond what you can see. Many substances that are capable of staining also have the ability to seep past the surface and into the padding or flooring beneath your carpet. This won’t only result in lasting, unpleasant smells, it will also lead to significant and worsening damage. In some cases, deep, liquid carpet stains can even result in mold growth.

Carpet cleaning, when done properly, doesn’t just remove surface stains that leave carpets looking or feeling dirty. It also mitigates the lasting effects of that deep damage. At ServiceMaster of the Key City, our carpet cleaning services are comprehensive and thorough. Rather than simply focusing on appearances, our professional cleaners ensure that debris, stains, and other forms of carpet damage are properly sanitized and treated.

If your Dubuque, IA, home is in need of deep carpet cleaning services or you’ve spotted stain damage that needs attention, contact ServiceMaster of the Key City today! Call us at (563) 412-5876 or contact us directly online for additional information.