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Mold Removal Services for Marshall, MNMoldy ceiling

Mold is a naturally occurring element of our environment and when the spores find an organic food source and a source of water or moisture, they will form into mold growth. Wood and drywall surfaces as well as other building materials can provide a food source for mold and if it starts growing in a home or building, it will continue to grow and spread unless it is completely eliminated. If a mold infestation is allowed to spread, it can cause extensive structural damage and increase the risk of certain health effects including allergies and respiratory infections.

The biggest cause of mold growth is moisture so the most effectmive way to prevent mold growth is to keep the moisture level under control and immediately clean up any water damage. If you discover mold growing in your home or building or think you may have a hidden mold problem, contact ServiceMaster Professional Services for mold remediation in Marshall, MN. Our technicians are trained and equipped to remove mold from commercial and residential settings and we can also repair or replace damaged surfaces.

Our mold remediation service includes the following process:

  • Finding and repairing the moisture source to prevent more mold growth
  • Restoring or replacing surfaces damaged by mold
  • Protecting your property and the people in your home as well as our workers
  • Confining the mold growth to the already affected area

It is important to take immediate action once you find mold growing in your home or building to help contain the damage and eliminate the risk of health problems associated with mold. Contact ServiceMaster Professional Services to remove mold from your home or building in Marshall, MN and take preventative measures against future mold growth.

You can call us 24 hours a day at (507) 480-5588 to learn more about our mold remediation services.