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A business that endures severe water damage, will likely have to deal with costly repairs, a suspension of operations, and lost revenue. We at ServiceMaster Restoration by Advanced - Alexander recognize how crucial it is to keep providing for your loved ones, staff, and clients. We're here to reduce some of the strain associated with the restoration process. We won't stop until your company is operating normally again!

What is Water Mitigation and How Does it Help the Restoration Process?

Water mitigation involves limiting or preventing extensive water damage soon after a water disaster occurs. This entails determining the amount of any existing water damage, removing any standing water from the affected locations, and taking any necessary precautions to prevent further water intrusion. The quicker our professionals can stop water damage, the better the results your property will have once it has been restored.

What Does Commercial Water Restoration Involve?

Cleanup and water mitigation will be the first stage. The next procedures will involve disinfecting surfaces, fixing damaged structures, replacing damaged valuables or furniture, if necessary, and so forth. Specialized equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers will be used to dry out wet items. Additionally, it will be crucial to do a mold test and treat any mold growth that may have developed as a result of moisture buildup in materials like walls and carpeting.

Why Partner with ServiceMaster Restoration by Advanced - Alexander?

The best way to handle the aftermath of a water disaster is to hire a professional restoration company like ServiceMaster Restoration by Advanced - Alexander. Not only do we provide expert water damage repair, but our detailed water cleanup techniques help to avoid further destruction caused by mold development or structural weakness due to prolonged exposure moisture exposure. We are also familiar with dealing with insurance providers. We'll work to expedite the processing of your claim to ensure that you receive any necessary services that are covered by your policy without having to pay more than is necessary.

In addition to everything mentioned above, we also bring tools and techniques supported by a brand with 65 years of restoration expertise! Throughout the nation, people have trusted ServiceMaster to restore properties to their best condition. Partner with our water damage restoration company today for satisfying results!