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Less Cleaning, More Living

With winter behind us, spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind. We all know that homes need to be deep cleaned periodically, but who has the time? If you’re in for a whole-house cleaning project, prioritize your tasks so that you don’t spend too much time on any one part of the home. You want to hit every major part of the home that doesn’t get touched often without obsessively deep cleaning one thing and then becoming exhausted.

To minimize the time you spend cleaning, yet maximize the impact, focus on these tasks:

Clean windows, inside and out

When cleaning your windows, wipe them inside up and down, and the outside left to right. If you end up with streaks, you’ll know which side they’re on. But if cleaning your windows is something you’ll never find time to do, call us and check that item off your list.

Clean kitchen appliances

Open the windows, dig out your cleaning supplies and tackle cleaning your oven, stove top, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher. If you have extra time, add the washing machine to the list.

Catch cobwebs and dust

Search for cobwebs in corners, around fireplaces, on top of lampshades and light fixtures and between windows. Dust can also collect on ceiling fans, especially if you never turn them off, so clean each blade.

Clean carpets and rugs

Carpets accumulate a lot of dust, dirt and even fungi over time, all of which are unsightly, unhygienic and can be potential health hazards. Help extend the life and appearance of your carpets as well as banish those really stubborn bugs and stains with regular deep cleaning. Call us now to get on the schedule.