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ServiceMaster Restoration Services in Newnan, Georgia

Count on the experts at ServiceMaster Restoration Services in Newnan, Georgia, when you need services for property restoration, janitorial or specialty cleaning services. We’re the leading service provider in Newnan, GA, for a variety of services. See below for a brief description of the services we offer.

Damage Restoration Services in Newnan, GA

When your property suffers severe damages from a disaster you need help immediately. ServiceMaster Restoration Services is a specialist in handling and restoring properties from damages caused by water, storms, and fires. When you contact us for our services, our team of experts will arrive onsite, clean up debris, clean content, sanitize the area, provide structural repairs, and several other tasks to help restore your property. With ServiceMaster Restoration Services, we want nothing else than to be able to grant you the ability to return back into your home or office and to restore your peace of mind.

Mold Elimination and Remediation Services in Newnan, GA

Mold is a pesky item to have in any property. Mold can cause a variety of issues such as structural damages, create health hazards and an unsafe environment, emit odors, and more. To free your Newnan, Georgia property of mold, you need mold remediation services from ServiceMaster Restoration Services.

We have professionally trained and certified experts that combine their knowledge, skills, and equipment to combat and eliminate mold from properties. During the mold remediation process, our team will determine the severity of damages, contain the mold, eradicate the growths, and provide any necessary structure or water damage repairs.

Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services in Newnan, GA

ServiceMaster Restoration Services doesn’t only provide property repair and restoration services, we also offer a variety of cleaning services for commercial and residential settings.

For commercial facilities, ServiceMaster Restoration Services offers reliable janitorial services. We’re well aware that all buildings are different and a generalized cleaning plan cannot be applied to every case. That is why we create a custom-tailored janitorial plan in order to fulfill your goals and expectations. With our services, we can help keep your facility looking sharp and immaculate

For both residential and commercial settings, ServiceMaster Restoration Services also provides carpet, upholstery, tile, and grout cleaning services throughout the Newnan, GA area. These services are exactly what you need when you want to make your home or facility look spectacular. With our cleaning services, we can lift stains and remove built-up, trapped dirt that has accumulated over time from your carpeting, upholstered items, tiled flooring, and grout lines.

Disinfection Services in Newnan, GA

Currently, ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning is providing disinfection services in our local community. We are trained to isolate, clean, disinfect and decontaminate each surface following guidelines established by the CDC. Our team can disinfect your entire location to kill germs on surfaces thus lowering the risk of spreading infections such as COVID-19. We can create a routine or one-time program designed to disinfect your facility and keep your patrons and employees safe. Our compassionate professionals are here to help you through this uncertain time by bringing expertise, training and sympathies to every service.

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