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Insurance Agents

If you are an insurance agent or adjuster, this section is for you.

At ServiceMaster we offer unique services for you specifically and you can receive all of your restoration related C.E. training at no cost. Come join us for FREE food, FREE training and have an opportunity to meet with some professionals who might be handling your next claim. To sign up for our C.E. classes please E-Mail Us or contact our office at (888) 245-0354.

We represent your office when we work on claims in the homes of your insured, and we always strive to leave the best impression. Working together, ServiceMaster can give you the peace of mind that your insured are being treated fairly and if your insured are happy with your recommendations they will stay on your books!

Three Steps To Recovery

  • Assessment

    We start with an inspection and damage estimate to determine the scope of work.

  • Mitigation

    We focus on preventing further damage from affecting your property and belongings.

  • Restoration

    We help you recover from the damage, returning your property to pre-loss conditions.