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Hoarding Cleanup Specialists in Santa Rosa

Are you ashamed of what is behind your front door or in your loved one’s home due to a hoarding problem? You should know you’re not alone. Hoarding affects and impacts millions of individuals around the country. Hoarding is a mental disorder that is often brought on by previous life trauma.

Stepping over the clutter, debris, and litter can make everyday life seem unbearable, but there is help. Reach out to our team of hoarding cleanup specialists at ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Santa Rosa. We know this is a sensitive matter, and you can count on us to handle the job at hand with discretion and compassion.

We Handle Hoarding Situations of Every Size

We understand if you’ve thrown your hands up in the air at the idea of cleaning up a hoarded home. It is an overwhelming task to handle without help. Hoarded homes also often have health hazards around every corner. These range from mold and pest infestations to rotted food and excessive dust.

Our goal is to restore your home while mitigating all these health hazards. Then you and your family can move on with your lives in a home with better air quality. Our Santa Rosa hoarding cleanup experts bring the necessary gear and cleaning chemicals. We can tackle even the most daunting homes. This includes hazmat suits, personal protective equipment, and respirators, if necessary.

Let Us Help You Return to Normalcy

It’s difficult to live in a hoarded home. You or your loved one may have great difficulty parting with these possessions. This is common. Our Santa Rosa restoration team can help determine what is salvageable and what is better hauled off to the landfill. In the end, you’ll be proud to have a clean, tidy home thanks to our efforts. We will treat you, your home, and possessions with the utmost respect. Our goal is to help you and your family heal from hoarding.