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Minimize Risk & Recover Faster with Advanced Planning

We are no strangers to wildfire season here in California. This season starts with the summer months and into early fall. High heat and dry vegetation create the perfect conditions for sudden, fast-moving fires. Each year, businesses throughout the region suffer heavy losses from these natural disasters. Nothing can completely prevent wildfires from starting. Likewise, nothing can keep your commercial property entirely safe if it is in a fire's path. But there are several actions you can take to reduce the risk of a fire igniting on your property. Advanced planning can also minimize the damage or loss should the worst come to pass.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Santa Rosa provides many services for businesses and commercial properties. These range from pre-loss planning and large loss recovery to fire and smoke damage restoration and reconstruction. Our experienced Santa Rosa restoration services team handles even the toughest challenges with sensitivity and urgency. We know these situations involve real people, real lives, and real livelihoods. Trust our knowledge and expertise to provide personalized support and fast, effective solutions.

Is your Santa Rosa business prepared for wildfire season? Call (707) 691-0811 or contact us online to start planning ahead.

How to Prepare Your Commercial Property for Wildfire Season

Read through the tips below. They can prepare your Santa Rosa business or commercial property for future wildfires. These actions can reduce the likelihood of a fire starting on your property. They can also help minimize loss and recover more quickly after a fire.

If your property is in the potential path of an active wildfire, take these steps immediately:

  • Turn off propane tanks.
  • Close all interior doors and windows to prevent drafts.
  • Shut off gas at the meter. Only a qualified professional can safely turn the gas back on.

Ahead of fire season, and on an ongoing basis, you can be proactive by:

  • Marking the entrance to your property in a clear, visible way for emergency personnel.
  • Making hydrants, ponds, and other water sources accessible to the fire department.
  • Keeping roofs and rain gutters cleared of debris.
  • Removing hanging branches, trimming lawns, and raking leaves to minimize potential kindling.
  • Covering all exterior vents, attics, and eaves with metal mesh screens no larger than 1/4 inch to block debris and sparks.
  • Storing flammable liquids and solvents in metal containers outside. Make sure they are 30+ feet from structures and wooden fences.
  • Hanging fire-resistant draperies for added protection at the windows.

Looking for more guidance or help putting together a pre-loss plan for your business? Reach out to ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Santa Rosa. Our team is available around the clock, 24/7, to help you.

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