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Do you have a to-do list that you’d rather not do during the hot summer months in Oakdale or in just about any community in Minnesota? If so, we’re guessing that residential carpet cleaning would probably be placed high on your list.

Let’s see . . . DIY carpet cleaning is going to mean you’ll have to go rent a carpet cleaning machine and then pay a ridiculous amount of money for a rather small amount of soap and rinsing solution. To top off these steps, after you lug home the machine, you’ll have to wrestle the cleaner from room to room while the indoor mercury heads for the century mark. Well, maybe on the plus side, at least you got a sauna session along with your attempted DIY carpet cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Northwest ServiceMaster knows a better way, and not just because you won’t have to break a sweat. Let us do all the hard work because we’ve got the carpet-cleaning equipment, and residential carpet cleaning is our profession.

We’ve got to admit, it’s hard to go wrong when your cleaning machine comes mounted in a truck with no lack of nice, hot water. Combine these advantages with the best products and industry knowledge, and you’re guaranteed to have cleaner, brighter floor coverings by the time we’re finished.

Stubborn Stains

The best part about ServiceMaster Clean is we’ll make stubborn stains disappear and liven up even the most heavily used areas. Ground-in dirt and smells don’t stand a chance with our powerful gear, which is a good thing when you figure how much grime and grit just can’t be removed by regular vacuuming. All the dust and the allergens in your home or business simply set down in your carpeting and build up until you let us give your carpets a deep-down clean.

We have all the best equipment, products, and knowledge at our disposal to make your carpets clean and bright again. Our experienced technicians can remove the toughest stains and rejuvenate your high-traffic areas. Carpet cleaning is where we really excel—and we do it very well!

Northwest ServiceMaster can show you how residential carpet cleaning can extend the life of your floor coverings. Call us 24/7 at (612) 712-7464 if you live in Oakdale, MN, or in any of the other fine Twin Cities communities we serve. You can also visit our website here to learn about our list of time- and sweat-saving services that will help you with everything from cleaning carpets to dealing with disasters. You’ll quickly discover why we’re your local pros who deliver the clean you expect and the service you deserve.