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Posts from 2021

  • AVOID SUMMER SWELTER WITH GREAT RESIDENTIAL CARPET CLEANING Do you have a to-do list that you’d rather not do during the hot summer months in Oakdale or in just about any community in Minnesota? If so, we’re guessing that residential carpet cleaning would probably be placed high on your list. Let’s see... DIY carpet cleaning is going ... Continue Reading
  • ODD ODORS MAY MEAN IT’S TIME FOR MOLD REMEDIATION Your nose knows if there’s something different about the warm-weather months in the Shoreview, Minnesota area and other parts of the Metro. Step into your basement or maybe the lower level of a building this time of the year. Do you detect a stale, musty smell? If so, it ... Continue Reading
  • MOLD REMEDIATION IN WOODBURY, MN If you find an infestation of mold in your home or business in Woodbury, MN, call Northwest ServiceMaster immediately at (612) 712-7464 for quick and professional mold remediation. Mold is the uninvited house guest you do not want to entertain. It can be sneaky and bold ... Continue Reading
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