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Water Damage: Laundry Room Water Leak

For over 20 years, ServiceMaster has been the go to expert for customers and insurance companies in Bend and Central Oregon because we are the trusted local leaders. Most of our clients are recommended or referred. Many are previous customers. Why do they call on us time and time again in their time of need? It’s because we care and go the extra mile.

Let me share a true story with you that highlight our service.

It Starts With A Laundry Room Water Leak

A mother of three comes home and discovers that her washing machine hose broke and runs a full cycle of clothes worth – 2 rinses and 1 wash – into her brand new house. Her family room carpet and pad, three rooms of carpet and pad and her laminate, wood floors kitchen floors are soaked. Her laundry room is flooded.

She has a laundry room water leak; This is her nightmare (She told me herself). She calls us.

Servicemaster technician drying wet hardwood floors in Bend, Oregon

Water Damage and Mitigation

An hour later, ServiceMaster went out to her home on the east side of Bend and accessed the damage. A plumber came out and fixed the line, and we moved forward. We rolled back the wet carpet, pulled out the wet pad and set fans and a dehumidifier to dry out the floors. We set hardwood drying MAT system to dry the wood floors in the kitchen. We packed out all of her belongings in the flooded laundry room to our shop for safe storage while we dry the floors and until the reconstruction is done.

Drying wet hardwood floors in Bend, Oregon

The Extra Mile of Customer Service

While talking to the customer, a ServiceMaster Water Damage Technician discovers that the customer will be staying at a hotel, but has nowhere to do her laundry. Having three children, she had to do several loads of laundry a week to keep her kids clothed. With no family in town, she didn’t want to sit at the laundry mat with her kids several times a week for a few hours – and we didn’t want her to do that either.

Our tech decided to go the extra mile and brought the washer and dryer back in from the garage and hooked it up. It was a pain to work around and they would have to move it several more times, but it was well worth it to make the customer happy.

Ultimately, that’s our job here – to return a sense of normalcy.

Learn more about our wonderful team of professional water recovery specialists in Bend, Oregon and what sets us apart from the competition in Central Oregon. Check out our water-damage restoration page to learn more about our services.