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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Bend

We're by your side every step of the way

Fire can be a traumatic experience for any business owner. The ability to minimize business interruptions after such a devastating loss provides reassurance. We're business owners, too, at ServiceMaster Recovery Specialists. Let us help you get your doors back open as soon as possible.

With over 65 years of experience, we are Bend's leading commercial restoration company, helping business owners like you repair and rebuild. We work quickly without ever compromising quality by using the best tools and techniques. Our goal is to be by your side throughout this stressful time for you.

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Our Process for Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Bend

Accidental fires in buildings cause extensive damage even after they are extinguished. Several chemical reactions can occur when furniture, flooring, etc. are burned, resulting in additional damage to your property. We provide you with the expertise needed to effectively save your items and belongings through ServiceMaster Recovery Specialists. Soiling can also be removed from various types of flooring and fabrics to prevent additional replacement costs. In order to restore your property and get your business back on track, you need a swift and timely response.

The damage caused by commercial fires is not all the same. We provide thorough, proven fire restoration services, including:

  • Safety inspection of the building's structural integrity

  • Identifying the source of the fire to determine its type

  • Assessing all areas which may require treatment as a result of fire suppression efforts

  • Taking care of any water damage

  • Examining materials that may be damaged by smoke and soot

  • Emptying the building of its contents

  • Gathering the necessary items to run your business remotely

  • Securely removing, storing, and cleaning sensitive files and data storage devices

  • Material salvage, raw material recovery, and machinery salvage

  • Cleaning and storing the remaining contents

Additionally, we perform structural restoration, including:

  • Taking out any charred materials such as insulation and burned wood that may seal in smoke

  • Removal of carpets and floor coverings if necessary

  • Assist in removing smoke odors from affected surfaces and sealing them to prevent them from re-emerging

  • Clean, eliminate odors, and deodorize surfaces to restore their condition

  • The return of items to their original locations and the restoration of normal operations

Even after a fire is put out, smoke continues to damage your structure and its contents. The chemical composition of fabrics, metals, walls, ceilings, and even tiles continues to be affected by smoke that has coated or penetrated surfaces. We handle every aspect of smoke and soot removal and fire damage restoration. You can count on us for a comprehensive range of fire damage services in Bend, including soot, smoke, and odor removal.

Ash and Smoke Are No Joke: Hire A Fire Restoration Specialist!

The process of dealing with fire damage is a complex, intensive, and stressful one. It's not a good idea to attempt the task on your own. For dependable tools and experienced methodologies, hire our professional restoration specialists. We work quickly, intelligently, efficiently, and intentionally. Our goal is to fix what can be saved, discard what cannot, and never waste valuable time.

We can even help you itemize and file insurance claims for unrecoverable possessions. As restoration specialists, our technicians have extensive experience and a deep understanding of the nuances of the process. Wherever possible, we will go the extra mile to ensure your property and employee's health/safety. It is our job to revitalize and repair countless appliances and electronics so that they will function like they did before the loss.

Do you need emergency restoration services in Bend? Call (541) 240-8317 today!