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Common Spring Time Fires

Our community enjoys the emerging of spring and the beginning of the new fresh season and warmth. Once spring starts, everyone is ready to break out the bbq’s and enjoy spending time outdoors with friends and family. However, spring brings its own set of safety precautions when it comes to fires just like winter does. When spring starts, the team at ServiceMaster Action Cleaning - Laurel wants you to know what the common types of spring fires are and what to do if you should experience fire damage to your home or business.

Here are the 3 most common types of springtime fires:

  1. BBQ Related Fires – BBQ fires can seriously be avoided by paying close attention to the grill and keeping it away from any objects. Grilling underneath trees or near walls of storages, garages, or homes can easily lead to property fire. Many grocery stores and gas stations grill hamburgers and hotdogs outside to gain the attention of customers, grilling too close to commercial buildings can also lead to major fire damage. Oftentimes, it is because wind picks up and spreads the flames toward flammable areas. Make sure someone stays close to the grill and that the flames are manageable. Otherwise, you could be looking at a serious fire disaster to your property.
  2. Night-Time Fire Pits – If you are some of the lucky homeowners that enjoy a nice fire pit in your back yard, you also know that there is more risk of fire damage to your property when a fire is going. Of course, you have taken the extra precautions to make sure the pit is built correctly and that the flames are not too high, but the wind is another factor when it comes to fire pits. If a strong breeze picks up, flames and embers could easily spread through your yard, weeds, trees, your home, or to your neighbors’ yards and homes. It is best to keep a hose and water near the fire at all times and make sure it is completely out before you turn in for the night.
  3. WildFires – Though there is not much you can do to protect your home from a fire that has spread from another area toward your property, there are things that you can do to help keep wildfires from happening. Definitely start with your own fire pit. If your fire pit is not completely contained, it could spread from your backyard to your neighborhood. An out of control wildfire is devastating for many home and business owners. Do not be the person responsible for a wildfire to break out. If you are BBQing at a park or building a nearby campfire, always make sure to put out the flames completely and keep an active watch on any fires you build.

ServiceMaster Action Cleaning - Laurel is your local fire damage restoration professional. If you find yourself dealing with a fire disaster and you need emergency restoration from fire, smoke, or soot, make sure you call our immediate response team so that we can help minimize the extent of the damage and restore your property back to pre-loss condition right away!