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Tips to Prevent Kitchen Fires

Kitchens are a gathering place for many families. Food is an essential element in day-to-day life, for both enjoyment and sustenance, so it is no wonder we tend to gravitate towards the kitchen. Another thing that tends to gravitate to the kitchen? Fires. Kitchen fires are the most common type of fire in the United States. When heat, electricity, water, and grease come together, it is no wonder that fires are such a huge risk. You can do a lot to prevent kitchen fires even though you cannot completely remove the risk. ServiceMaster Action Cleaning - Laurel provides tips to keep your kitchen safe.

  • Keep kitchen appliances clean and in good condition. Build-up and crumbs should be cleaned off of hot surfaces. Otherwise, they can become potential kindling for fires. Microwaves should be wiped out after each use to eliminate residue. Clean out the oven and make sure that any drips or burnt substances are not left behind. A dirty oven can catch on fire much easier than a clean one. If appliances begin to malfunction, consider getting them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Do not keep appliances plugged in when they are not being used. As long as the cord is plugged into the outlet, it can draw electricity. If there is any faulty wiring or something was to overheat, a fire could easily break out.
  • Never leave cooking food unattended. If the oven, microwave, Crockpot, instant pot, or stove is on and heated, do not leave it alone. Excessive heat left unchecked can catch fire. It is always a good idea to double-check that all kitchen appliances are turned off. Do this when you are done cooking food, and even before you leave your house. Neglect is not your friend when it comes to kitchen fires.
  • Install a smoke detector near the kitchen. We have all been there: left dinner in the oven a little too long and now the entire kitchen is filled with smoke. You don’t want unattended cooking mishaps. Excess steam that generates when cooking can trigger your smoke detectors. But you still need one in case an unknown fire does happen. Install a smoke detector near the kitchen, but not directly in the kitchen. This can keep you safe and alerted if a fire does happen.
  • Use extreme caution when cooking with grease. Grease fires are extremely dangerous and get very out of hand very quickly. Be sure that you do not overfill pots or pans with grease or oil. Splatter from grease needs to be wiped up quickly. Do not ever use water in an attempt to put out a grease fire. Keep baking soda, flour, a lid to the pot, or even a fire extinguisher on hand. Keeping these nearby can help put out flames from a grease fire.

When cooking in the kitchen, be aware, be cautious, and be alert. Do you find yourself dealing with fire damage in Meridian, MS? the team at ServiceMaster Action Cleaning - Laurel is ready to help. We have extensive experience helping homeowners restore their home after a fire. You can rest assured that your home is in good hands with our team.