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Sewage Backup Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Indoor flooding is a serious problem because it can cause major damage and lead to issues like structural damage and mold growth. However, if the flood water contains sewage, the situation is much more dangerous. Sewage water causes significant damage to affected furnishings and building materials much faster than regular water because these materials absorb the waste with the water. There is also a high risk to your health as sewage contains harmful toxins and microorganisms that can trigger disease or infection. You need to stay clear of any water that possibly contains sewage and call our experts right away to clean up the damage.

ServiceMaster All Care Restoration provides sewage backup cleaning in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas in Maricopa, Pima, Cochise, and Santa Cruz counties. Our technicians are properly equipped to remove sewage waste and contaminated water as well as permanently damaged materials. Once the water and sewage are removed, we will thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected areas to restore safe conditions.

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Dangers of Sewage BackupsSewage-Cleanup-Services-in-Phoenix-AZ

There are a couple of ways that sewage can become a problem in homes and buildings. A sewage backup can occur in which sewage comes into the building through the drains, or flood water that is already contaminated with sewage can enter the property. Sewage water can cause devastating damage because the porous building materials and furnishings that absorb the water also absorb the waste materials. This quickly leads to permanent damage. You need to act fast if there is sewage on your property to prevent widespread damage.

The other danger with sewage is the effect it can have on your health. Sewage water may contain bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, and other toxins that can cause infection and disease in those who are exposed. If there is sewage on your property, do not try to clean it up yourself because you are putting yourself at risk. It is best to have our licensed professionals handle the removal of the sewage.

Professional Sewage Backup Cleanup in Phoenix

At ServiceMaster All Care Restoration, our technicians have the proper equipment and training to safely remove sewage. We use advanced water extraction and drying equipment to remove contaminated water and dry the affected areas, and we will remove materials that have been permanently damaged. We will then restore the damage and disinfect the affected areas so that they are safe for use once again.

The following steps are included with our sewage backup cleaning:

  • Removal of sewage water
  • Removal of permanently damaged materials and sewage waste
  • Disposal of raw sewage and contaminated materials
  • Cleaning and disinfection of affected areas to eliminate dangerous pathogens
  • Odor removal

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The presence of sewage in your home or building is an emergency situation that requires immediate action. If your property is affected by sewage call our professionals at ServiceMaster All Care Restoration right away.

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