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Professional Mold Remediation Company

It’s one of a homeowner’s worst fears: unseen mold growing in the dark corners of a basement, under floors or hidden in the walls. Mold can begin to grow from spores in as little as two days, and it isn’t always easy to detect. It’s most likely the indicator of a damp environment within the home, which can lead to other structural problems, and mold itself can present a host of health risks – especially for young children and the elderly.

Leaking pipes, windows or roofs, damp basements, tightly sealed buildings that trap moisture in (common with new construction) and homes with poor ventilation are all environments where mold is likely to grow. Many times you can see mold with the naked eye, but even if you can’t, there are indicators that point to needing a mold inspection by professionals.

To restore your home to a healthy, mold and damage-free condition, contact ServiceMaster at Bakersfield. Give us a call or stop by today. Located in Bakersfield, we also proudly serve Delano, Ridgecrest, Tehachapi, and the surrounding areas.

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HOw To check For Mold

There are several ways to check for mold in a property. Here are some common methods:

  • Visual inspection: The most common way to check for mold is to perform a visual inspection. Look for signs of mold growth, such as discoloration, stains, or a fuzzy or slimy texture. Check areas where moisture is present or where there has been water damage.

  • Odor detection: Mold often has a musty or earthy odor, which can help to identify its presence. If you smell a strong, musty odor in a particular area of your property, it may be a sign of mold growth.

  • Moisture detection: Mold requires moisture to grow, so detecting areas of moisture buildup can help to identify potential mold growth. Use a moisture meter to measure the moisture content of materials such as drywall or wood.

  • Professional testing: If you suspect mold growth but can't find it through visual inspection or other methods, you may want to consider hiring a professional mold inspector to perform testing. They can use specialized equipment to detect mold spores in the air or on surfaces, and provide a report on the type and severity of mold growth.

It's important to note that mold can be hidden behind walls, under flooring, or in other hard-to-reach areas. If you suspect mold growth but can't find it through visual inspection or other methods, it's important to consult a professional for further investigation.

What is the Difference Between Mold Removal & Mold Remediation?

Although often used interchangeably, “mold removal” and “mold remediation” aren’t actually synonymous. Mold removal is only part of the broader mold remediation process.

Physical removal of the mold spores takes care of the symptom, but it does not address the root cause of the mold problem. Mold remediation, on the other hand, is a more holistic approach.

The mold remediation process:

  • Identifies the reason for the mold infestation in the first place.
  • And implements a series of steps to restore the property to a safe, habitable condition.

Because mold can be toxic, it’s always best to leave mold removal and remediation to a professional company that possesses the necessary equipment, permits, knowledge, and industry experience. Our residential mold cleanup team has everything needed to ensure a safe and thorough job.

Why Hire ServiceMaster

When you choose mold remediation services from ServiceMaster at Bakersfield, we will complete a water and humidity assessment and create a water damage repair plan if appropriate. Once the water damage or humidity problem has been resolved, ServiceMaster at Bakersfield will work on a mold containment plan based on the mold removal requirements.

If the mold damage is in a small area (under 100 sq. ft.), or the amount of mold is limited, a smaller containment mold remediation program could be sufficient. For large mold damage areas (greater than 100 sq. feet), full containment is recommended based on how extensive the mold damage is.

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