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Preparing Your Cordova Home for Winter

A Comprehensive Checklist for Homeowners in the Mid-South

As we transition into the colder months in Cordova, preparing your home for winter becomes a crucial task that shouldn't be overlooked. Winter weather can bring various challenges and risks to your home, including substantial water damage and freezing temperatures that could wreak havoc on your property's infrastructure.

While snow is uncommon in our region, the occasional snowfall could still result in leaks, and freezing temperatures pose a real threat. The potential risks are apparent, but there's good news. ServiceMaster by Cornerstone, a leading restoration company locally owned and operated in Cordova, has the expertise and resources to help you mitigate these risks.

With extensive experience, we understand the unique challenges the winter season brings to homeowners in our community. Our team is committed to helping you prepare your home for the cold months ahead, ensuring comfort and peace of mind.

The Risks of Not Preparing for Winter

On average, Cordova experiences its first freezing temperatures of the year in mid-November. As winter approaches, home preparation is not just a matter of comfort but also a critical step in protecting your property and avoiding potentially catastrophic damages. The risks associated with neglecting this task can be both significant and costly.

One significant risk that comes with the winter season is water damage. This can occur due to snow and ice accumulation on your roof, leading to leaks. But more alarmingly, freezing temperatures can cause the water in your pipes to freeze.

As water freezes, it expands, putting immense pressure on your pipes, which can lead to them bursting. The aftermath of such an incident often includes significant indoor flooding, resulting in substantial water damage.

Preparing Your Home for Winter: A Comprehensive Checklist

Winter weather can be both beautiful and challenging. As the season changes, preparing your home adequately for the colder months ahead is essential. To help you with this task, we've devised a comprehensive checklist to ensure your home is winter-ready. Following these steps can save you from significant damages and high repair costs.

Insulate Your Pipes

Frozen pipes are one of the most common causes of water damage during winter. When water in your pipes freezes, it expands, putting pressure on the pipes and causing them to burst. Insulating your pipes is an effective way to prevent this problem.

You can use pre-slit pipe foam available at most hardware stores. Remember to pay special attention to the pipes in your home's unheated areas, like basements and garages.

Clean Your Gutters

Over time, leaves and other debris can accumulate in your gutters, causing blockages. In winter, this can lead to ice dams, where water backs up, freezes, and causes water to seep into your house. Regular cleaning of your gutters can prevent this issue, ensuring that water drains away from your home as it should.

Check Your Heating Systems

Ensuring your heating system functions properly before winter sets in is crucial. A malfunctioning heating system leaves you cold and can lead to other problems like frozen pipes. Have a professional inspect your heating system to ensure it works well. Remember to replace your furnace filter if it's dirty.

Seal Windows and Doors

Cold air can easily seep through cracks around windows and doors, making your home less energy-efficient and driving up your heating costs. Use weather stripping or caulk to seal these gaps and keep the warmth in. Not sure if you have drafts? Holding a lit candle near a window or door frame can help determine if it is properly sealed.

Inspect Your Roof

A damaged roof can lead to leaks when it snows, causing significant water damage. Have a professional inspect your roof for loose or missing shingles and repair them if necessary.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Snow, sleet, and ice can cause branches to break and fall on your house, leading to significant damage. Trim any branches hanging over your home to prevent this risk, and seek professional assistance to avoid unnecessary risks.

How ServiceMaster by Cornerstone Can Help

Even the most prepared homes can sometimes face unexpected challenges during the harsh winter months. Despite diligent winterization, accidents can happen - pipes can still freeze and burst, heavy snowfall can lead to roof leaks, and sudden temperature drops can result in other unforeseen issues.

At ServiceMaster by Cornerstone, we understand how stressful it can be to deal with water damage or roof leaks in the midst of a chilly winter. Our team of professionals is well-equipped to handle all your restoration needs throughout the winter season. From water damage restoration to roof leak repairs, we provide comprehensive services to ensure your home is restored as soon as possible.

Contact us online or call (901) 459-3675 today! Let us help you restore your home to its pre-loss condition.