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How to Avoid Fires With Holiday Cooking

At ServiceMaster by Cornerstone, we are available to help you clean up when any disaster strikes. However, we would love to help you avoid a fire disaster while cooking. We have compiled a list of tips on avoiding holiday cooking disasters this season. If you follow these tips, we can help you keep your kitchen and meal prep safe.  

Tip 1: Make sure your smoke detectors and alarms are working correctly in your home. 

Before you even begin to start cooking, check that the batteries in your smoke detectors are working, and any other alarms are working properly as well, especially if you have a carbon monoxide alarm. By ensuring your smoke detectors are working properly, any potential fire hazard can be caught before flames break out. 

Tip 2: Have a fire extinguisher nearby. 

It is a good idea to store the fire extinguisher in a place that is easily accessible in the kitchen or dining area. This way, you can easily reach for it in case a grease fire starts. Also, make sure you know how to safely use the extinguisher by reading the instruction label that comes with the extinguisher. Lastly, confirm the extinguishers expiration date, so you are guaranteed it will work if you happen to need it. 

Tip 3: Keep flammable objects away from the stove, oven, and any other hot surfaces. 

This is easy to forget but do your best to remember not to set oven mitts, food packaging, dish towels, or utensils away from the stovetop, oven, or other hot surfaces. When cooking, you are multi-tasking, and it is easy to accidentally leave something too close to a hot spot. 

Tip 4:  Don’t overload your outlets. 

When you are doing your holiday cooking, you are cooking a lot of dishes at one time. This could be a recipe for an electrical fire, though, is having all the appliances plugged into one outlet at a time. If necessary, spread out your cooking so that you do not have to utilize one power strip. Overloading wall outlets or power strips, especially if you are using all your kitchen appliances simultaneously, that is another recipe for an electrical fire. Also, look out for any frayed cords or bare wires, which could also present a fire hazard. 

Tip 5: Monitor appliances while cooking 

This is hard for some of us, especially if we like to socialize, but you must stay in the kitchen and watch your delicious food as it cooks. Unattended cooking is one of the leading causes of kitchen fires. Stay in the kitchen when using the stove, frying, roasting, or grilling food. Use a timer and regularly check any items that need to be left in the oven.  

Tip 6: Turn Everything Off Before Leaving the Kitchen   

Double-check that the oven, stove, and small appliances have all been turned off before leaving the kitchen. Unplug slow cookers, toasters, blenders, and other items you used while cooking. 

Tip 7: When Cooking with a Deep Fryer 

Deep fat turkey fryers are extremely dangerous because they run a substantial risk of tipping over causing serious burns, house fires or injuries. Turkeys can explode and spread hot oil all over your home. Fryers should always be used outdoors on a solid surface with a safe distance away from your home or any other structure. Never leave children or pets near the fryer when in use and remember the oil remains hot for hours.  

For your final tip: Stop, rest, and admire the gorgeous feast you have prepared for your family. We are ServiceMaster by Cornerstone and wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. If disaster strikes are sure, you to contact us right away, and we will ensure you are taken care of quickly and efficiently.