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Salt Friend or Foe?

Salt is a tried and true agent in fighting winter slips and spills. However, the core properties of salt that make it useful in battling snow and ice are the same properties that can damage the indoor surfaces of your business. Salt acts as a breaking agent for ice. Sprinkling salt on the roadways or walkways is often done to reduce the amount of ice on the path. As foot or road traffic passes over the salt, it presses the salt pieces down causing them to split the ice below. The friction allows the ice to warm and dissolve. The result is a slushy mixture of salt and water that is tracked into office spaces.The mixture then sticks to surfaces and is coarse enough to cause unwanted wear and tear on your carpets. If not removed, salt and other outdoor substances can spread deep into the fibers of your carpet and cut away valuable materials. Finally, salt attracts moisture from the air causing tile and other hard surfaces to produce a slippery finish. A quality cleaning specialist can help to neutralize this finish before slip injuries occur. Be sure to vacuum up as much of the salt as possible.