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Water damage is a serious problem that can cause extensive harm to your property. It can result from flooding, plumbing leaks, broken pipes or other water-related disasters and it’s important to understand the potential damage it can cause and what’s involved in restoring your home or business back to its pre-damage condition.

When untreated water damage is left unchecked for too long, it has the potential to lead to costly repairs due structural issues such as rotting wood framing members and compromised electrical systems. In addition, mold growth may occur if not addressed quickly enough which could lead even more health risks down the road for you and those living in the affected area.

Fortunately restoration companies like ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration by NEK - Lawrence specialize in restoring properties after a water disaster. We have the necessary tools, knowledge and expertise needed get your home back to its pre-loss glory - so why hire one? Here are some reasons:

  • • We will be able assess any areas where moisture might be present, both seen and unseen – the unseen would require specialized, moisture-detecting equipment;
  • • We have access resources like industrial grade fans and dehumidifiers which help dry out wet materials quicker than natural air drying alone;
  • • Our technicians will also use special products designed specifically remove mold spores before they spread further throughout building;
  • • Most importantly, we prioritize customer satisfaction and will make sure the job was done correctly or we'll take the necessary steps to make sure you're satisfied with the results!

Partner with our reputable water restoration company when faced with water damage on your property is always best option as our experience allows us to handle situation quickly efficiently while minimizing the amount disruption caused by process itself - plus the peace mind knowing everything taken care properly!