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Our ServiceMaster franchise, Disaster Associates, Inc. proudly serves the residences and commercial businesses of the Greater Boston surrounding areas as well as the New Hampshire & Main Sea Coast. Our highly trained, experienced technicians at our disaster restoration company have the necessary equipment to provide assistance to residential and commercial properties during a disaster emergency.

If you need emergency disaster restoration services in Rochester, we can be reached 24 hours a day at (800) 649-6369. When restoring your property in an efficient manner, we use advanced equipment and restoration techniques. Residential and commercial property owners can seek help through the following disaster restoration services we provide.

Do you have mold, fire, or water damage in Rochester, NH? Our damage restoration company in Rochester can help!Call today for a restoration specialist.

Restoration company providing water damage restoration services in Rochester

Water Damage Restoration – Rochester, NH

From heavy rain and flooding to appliance leaks and plumbing problems, there are many ways that water damage can occur. Because of this, homes and businesses are susceptible to sustaining water damage.

The excess water poses as a danger due to its ability to quickly spread via porous building materials and furnishings. As these items absorb more water, they will take on more damage, warping, and rotting. The presence of excess water also creates the perfect environment for mold growth.

Serving Rochester, NH, ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. provides water damage restoration services to assist water-damaged homes and businesses. Our water damage restoration specialists extract excess water and moisture with our advanced water extraction equipment. We then dry the damaged areas and restore the materials affected by the water.

Water Damage Restoration Tips

Has your home or business suffered water damage? Whether it is a burst pipe or a natural disaster, taking immediate action can minimize further serious damage. Call ServiceMaster Disaster Associates - Rochester at (603) 353-0348 so our restoration experts can clean up your property properly! We can remove the water, ensure your property is dried so that no mold grows, and clean and decontaminate the area if necessary. We can also test for mold and remediate it if it is needed.

Below are some tips and tricks you can do before our Rochester water damage restoration team arrives:

  • Do not enter the property unless it is safe to do so. Be sure to have protective gear on if necessary, such as rubber gloves, waterproof boots, and protective clothing.
  • Do not enter rooms with standing water if the electricity is still on. If it is safe, shut off your electricity -- switch the circuit breakers off and unplug any electronic devices.
  • If possible, stop the water damage. For example, if it is caused by a burst pipe, shut off the water valves.
  • Do not use a vacuum to remove water -- our team can handle that for you!
  • Try to dry the room as much as possible -- open the windows and use fans to improve airflow.
  • Try to remove wet items to a drier place -- furniture, rugs, floor coverings, fabrics, etc.
  • Remove drapery and hang them up to dry -- if they cannot be removed, at least lift them out of standing water and try to hang them on something else so it may dry faster

kitchen fire needing fire and smoke damage restoration services in Rochester

Fire Damage Restoration – Rochester, NH

Because of the harm flames present to your property, belongings, and loved ones, fires are a terrifying and destructive disaster. But the flames are just one level of the damage that comes as a result of a fire. When the flames burn synthetic materials, they produce smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts that cause secondary damage. This secondary damage, which continues to cause harm even after the fire is out, can become permanent if not addressed right away.

Serving Rochester, NH, ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. provides fire damage restoration services to assist fire-damaged homes and businesses. Within these services, our fire damage restoration company will repair structural damage, conduct smoke and soot cleaning, and eliminate smoke odors.

What goes into fire restoration?

Fire restoration is a complex process that requires expertise and special equipment for the optimal results. Fire cleanup and repair can take weeks or even months depending on the severity of the damage.

Fire restoration involves:

  • Securing hazardous locations
  • Performing content inventory and packouts
  • Cleaning remaining debris
  • Mitigating smoke and fire damage
  • Removing water from firefighting efforts
  • Rebuilding affected areas
  • Restoring contents that were salvaged from fire damage
  • Repairing any damages to existing property

Fire restoration is an important step in allowing a home or business to return back to its original state as quickly as possible, while also keeping your loved ones safe from hazardous chemicals leftover from fire and smoke damage.

Restoration company providing mold damage mitigation and restoration services in Rochester

Mold Removal and Remediation – Rochester, NH

If mold grows in your home or business, then it can cause significant property damage and health concerns to individuals exposed to it. Mold grows when there is an excessive amount of water or moisture, and it will form on materials that contain cellulose and other organic food sources.

The fungus can spread throughout the property and ruin affected materials, and cause people to suffer from allergic reactions and other health problems.

When is Mold Remediation Required?

Not all types of mold require remediation. Some molds don't pose any immediate health risks and can be cleaned with soap, water, or bleach solution.

However, other types of mold, like toxic black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum), can release spores into the air, which can be harmful to your home and the health of your loved ones.

In such cases, seeking an expert for professional mold remediation services is recommended. Contact ServiceMaster Disaster Associates - Rochester today to learn more about our mold remediation services near you.

What is Involved with Mold Remediation?

Mold Remediation is everything involved in the process of fully removing mold, repairing any damages, and reducing mold spores back to a normal level. Simply removing the mold does not fully solve the problem. Without proper containment and remediation the mold can continue to spread.

Our mold remediation process ensures mold levels are returned to normal to prevent any further outbreaks. Our process includes:

  • Finding the source of the mold growth
  • Containing the area to prevent further spread during the mold removal
  • Removing the mold and any damaged materials
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas
  • Scrubbing the air to ensure mold levels are normal
  • And finally, reconstructing where any damaged occurred

how to get rid of mold in house

One of the most unpleasant experiences a person can face as a homeowner is dealing with mold in their house. Getting rid of this pesky problem requires addressing both the source and the presence of excess moisture in your home.

To prevent mold from developing, you should check for any sources of water or moisture leaks. This could include damaged gutters, cracked walls and window frames or faulty pipes. Keep an eye out for warning signs like discoloration on walls or ceilings, musty odors or visible mold spots and then stop the water source right away.

Next, use a dehumidifier to help dry out any areas that have already been affected by moisture and open windows and doors to circulate air throughout your home. Finally, you may consider hiring a professional mold removal service who will be able to help you eradicate any existing mold if it has already spread too far. Taking these steps will go a long way in ensuring that your home remains comfortable and free from unpleasant surprises caused by unwelcome mold!

Reach out to our restoration experts when you need help with damage repairs and cleanup. You cancontact us online or call us at(603) 353-0348. We're available 24/7!

Specialty Cleaning Services – Rochester, NH

In addition to natural disasters, homes and businesses can be damaged by sewage backups, vandalism, violent accidents and crimes, and more. These events can leave your property in a dangerous condition. Sometimes they result in dangerous biohazard materials being left behind. These materials can only be removed by using the proper techniques and equipment.

Serving Rochester, NH, ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. provides specialty services to assist homes and businesses dealing with unique situations that involve biohazard materials and odors. Using advanced equipment and methods, such as dry ice blasting, we will remove the biohazard materials. Then we will clean and disinfect the property.

Commercial Restoration – Rochester, NH

Disasters can be particularly devastating for businesses because of the amount of damage they can cause. Whether it’s a fire, storm, flood, or other natural disaster, it may leave your property and inventory in poor condition. In order to restore the property, you might need to temporarily stop business operations.

Serving Rochester, NH, ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. provides commercial restoration services to assist businesses that have suffered damage by a disaster. We know you want to get your business back up and running as soon as possible. Therefore, our technicians will get to work immediately. We will efficiently limit the damage and conduct restoration work, which will also save you time and money.

Residential Restoration – Rochester, NH

Whether it’s due to mold, a flood, fire, or another disaster, your home can be seriously damaged by a natural disaster. It can be overwhelming to see your home and personal belongings ruined. You also might not know what to do to salvage your things.

Serving Rochester, NH, ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. provides residential restoration services to assist homes that have suffered damage by a disaster. We will limit the damage and restore your home using the industry’s best equipment and restoration methods.

If you need mold remediation or a water and fire damage restoration company, call ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. We have over 65 years of experience and can take on any job, big or small.

Contact our Rochester restoration company when you need help after a disaster - call (603) 353-0348 or contact us online to get started.

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Rochester Damage Restoration Services

In a crisis, you need someone you can trust to take care of both you and your Rochester property. In short, you need a team that possesses both skills and genuine commitment to your wellbeing.

At ServiceMaster Disaster Associates - Rochester, we meet this need every day. Our goal is to guide every customer from crisis to recovery, keeping them well-informed and involved at every point.

Because we know each property requires a unique approach, we prioritize communication and collaboration. As a locally owned and operated business, we are committed to making sure all members of our community have the safe, clean, and healthy environments they need.

Why Trust Our Experts?

We are backed by a national brand with more than six decades of experience. All our professionals receive top-notch training at our state-of-the-art training center. Our services are informed by our national footprint and our Disaster Operations Center, which tracks catastrophes and gives us the knowledge we need to respond efficiently and effectively.

So, while we provide every customer with the personalized service they deserve, we also work with the skills and resources of a leader in the restoration industry. Experience this powerful combination by getting in touch with us today.

Do you need professional restoration services for your home or business? Reach out to our experts todayonline or give us a call at(603) 353-0348!

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