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Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Rochester, NH

When there is water damage in your home, it can become a serious concern regardless of the amount. Whether it’s a result of a burst pipe, plumbing problem, flood, or another issue, water damage must be addressed immediately in order to prevent it from worsening.

When this happens, call ServiceMaster Disaster Associates - Rochester. Our company provides complete flood and water damage restoration services to assist homes and businesses in Rochester, NH that have sustained water damage. Our services include stopping the water from spreading, water and moisture extraction, thorough drying, damage mitigation, and restoration.

Is your home suffering from water damage? Contact us today at (603) 353-0348 for help.

Understanding the Risks of Water Damage in Your Home

What makes water damage dangerous is how it can affect a property’s structure. Porous building materials, such as drywall and wood, will absorb the excess water and cause the affected materials to stain, rot, and warp.

When walls and ceilings absorb too much water, the potential for structural damage becomes high. Mold is also something to be concerned about when there is water damage, because it creates the perfect conditions for mold growth.

Comprehensive Water Damage Solutions for Rochester Homes

Our technicians are prepared to assist residential and commercial properties with any case of water damage. We arrive promptly to contain the water and stop it from spreading further.

To begin, we assess the damage and use the information to develop a restoration plan. Then, our technicians use advanced extraction and dehumidification equipment to extract water and moisture from your property and affected materials.

Informative Video on Water Damage Restoration

For residential water damage restoration services in Rochester, NH, contact ServiceMaster Disaster Associates - Rochester at (603) 353-0348.

Our Proven Water Damage Restoration Methodology

Our water damage restoration process is comprehensive and includes:

  • Water extraction
  • Dehumidification for affected materials and areas
  • Restoration for damaged furnishings and building materials
  • Cleaning and restoration for personal content
  • Content cleaning and pack-out services
  • Drying for carpet and hardwood floor
  • Mold removal if needed

Get Immediate Help with Water Damage in Rochester

When water damages your home, it can quickly worsen, causing structural damage and mold growth. Get in touch with ServiceMaster Disaster Associates - Rochester for water damage restoration services if your property has been damaged. Our technicians can limit the water damage and work efficiently to restore your property to its original condition.

For water damage restoration services in Rochester, NH and the neighboring areas, call (603) 353-0348!

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