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ServiceMaster Mold Remediation and Removal Services

Mold can be a significant concern if it grows in residential and commercial properties. Without prompt action, mold can seriously damage your home or business. The fungus can also trigger negative health effects for any individuals exposed to it. All mold needs to grow are moisture and food sources. As long as these sources remain, the mold will keep growing and spreading to new areas of your property. This means more damage and worsened health problems. With mold removal and remediation services, ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. can help homes and businesses in Boston, MA, and the surrounding communities that have been affected by mold. Using advanced products and equipment, our professional technicians will handle the moisture source and remove all mold.

Mold Removal and Remediation in Boston, MA by ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc.What Causes Mold in Boston, MA

Whether indoors or outside, mold spores are naturally present in the air. Because of this, mold infestations can occur at any time. All spores need for mold to start growing are food and moisture sources. Knowing this, mold is often found in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and other places that have high moisture levels and are prone to water damage.

Cellulose is one of mold’s main indoor food sources as it can be found in drywall, wood, and other organic building materials. Once mold grows on one of these materials, it will start eating away at it. With time, the mold will weaken the material so much that it causes structural damage. Furthermore, mold can also disperse its spores which allows mold to affect new areas.

Health Issues Caused by Mold in Boston, MA

One of the reasons mold growth is concerning in Boston, MA is because of the health problems it can cause. People who are exposed to mold, especially kids and seniors, can suffer from allergic reactions. This includes itchy eyes and throat, nasal congestion, trouble breathing, coughing, and headaches. Prolonged exposure can cause respiratory infections, asthma, and other more serious symptoms.

Mold Removal and Remediation in Boston, MA –
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For mold removal and remediation services in Boston, MA, contact ServiceMaster Disaster Associates at (781) 531-9634.

ServiceMaster Mold Removal & Remediation in Boston, MA

Call ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. immediately if you find mold in your residential or commercial property. Our professional technicians are trained and equipped to locate and remove all cases of mold, including concealed mold growth. We do this by using advanced equipment and techniques. When we provide our services, we first isolate affected areas so that mold doesn’t spread elsewhere. Following mold removal, our technicians will repair or replace damaged materials and objects. To eliminate lingering mold odors, we use hydroxyl technology, ozone, OdorKlenz, VaporShark, and other advanced deodorization technologies.

Mold Removal and Remediation in Boston, MA by ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc.Our mold removal and remediation services in Boston, MA include:

  • Mold evaluation and damage assessment
  • Affected area containment to prevent mold from spreading
  • Complete mold removal using specialized equipment and methods
  • Restoration or replacement of damaged materials and items
  • Insurance claim filing help

If your home or business has mold, then call ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. immediately for professional mold removal and remediation help. Our technicians will contain and remove the mold to prevent further damage and health concerns. For our mold removal and remediation services in Boston, MA, call (781) 531-9634. We also provide our services in Massachusetts’ Essex and Middlesex counties, and New Hampshire’s Strafford and Hillsborough counties.