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Residential Water Damage Restoration in Englewood, CO

Fast, Effective & Reliable Water Damage Repair Near You

When it comes to property damage in residential and commercial buildings, water is the most common cause. There are many ways that water damage can occur including from weather conditions like floods and rain and from problems inside the building like leaks, sewage backups, and burst pipes. Once excess water or flooding gets into a property, it can cause serious damage by getting absorbed in porous building materials and furnishings and spreading further throughout the property. Affected materials will become weakened and corroded, leading to structural damage, and these materials are at a high risk for mold growth.

It is important to act fast in response to water damage to prevent serious structural damage and mold. At ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration, we provide water damage restoration services to help homes and businesses affected by excess water and flooding in Englewood, CO. Our highly trained technicians will arrive quickly to stop the spread of the water and evaluate the extent of the damage to form a water mitigation plan. We use advanced equipment and drying techniques to provide complete water damage restoration in commercial and residential settings.

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Damage Caused by Water and Flooding

Any amount of water damage in your home requires urgent attention because it will keep spreading until it is removed. Water can spread so easily because materials used for flooring, walls, and ceilings are porous and will absorb the water. These materials will also become more prone to warping, buckling, and corrosion as they absorb more water which can threaten the structural integrity of the home or building.

Mold growth is another issue caused by water damage as mold can appear in affected areas in as little as 24 hours. The addition of mold will not only add to the damage, but also introduce health risks from mold exposure.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Englewood

Our Englewood technicians are available 24 hours a day to respond to your call and immediately contain the spread of the water. Using advanced water extraction and drying equipment, we can remove standing water and thoroughly dry affected materials. We can also dry and restore your personal belongings damaged by water, including a range of electronic devices and textiles.

You can expect the following from our water damage restoration services:

  • Initial evaluation: Our technicians will immediately contain the water and inspect the extent of the damage. We will also identify the source of the water that caused the damage.
  • Water extraction and drying: Our state-of-the-art water extraction equipment can remove standing water and we use dehumidification equipment to dry affected areas and materials.
  • Content cleaning and restoration: We can dry, clean, and restore your water damaged personal items including textiles like clothing and electronics.
  • Deodorization: If the water or mold has left behind an unpleasant odor, we can remove the odor with advanced deodorization methods
  • Insurance help: We are the preferred vendor for many of the major insurance carriers in the Englewood, CO area and we can work with them to help with your claim.

Flood Cleanup

Finding standing flood water in your home is frustrating and you may not know what to do to begin the cleanup. Indoor flooding can occur due to natural flooding as well as problems such as overflows and burst pipes that can also lead to standing water. It is important to react to indoor flooding right away because that amount of water can quickly cause serious structural damage and create the conditions for mold growth.

Our Englewood technicians at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration can clean up flood water using our advanced water extraction equipment. Once the flood water is removed, we will then dry the affected areas and materials and provide restoration and cleaning.

Sewage Cleaning

It is possible for sewage to back up in your home or building if the sewer line backs up or if there is an overflow of the septic tank. You may also be dealing with sewage on your property if flood water from outside that has been mixed with sewage enters. Sewage water is very dangerous because of the waste materials and toxins it contains, making it very important to avoid any contact with the contaminated water.

Our Englewood technicians can safely extract sewage water and ensure that the affected areas and materials are cleaned and disinfected. The area will be safe again for use once the damaged areas have been cleaned and sanitized using advanced cleaning products and equipment.

Stop water damage in its tracks! Call (303) 963-9482 or contact us online for emergency water damage cleanup in Englewood!

What is Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation refers to the steps taken to minimize damage after a water intrusion. It focuses on stopping the water source, removing standing water, and drying out the affected area to prevent further issues.

Benefits of water damage mitigation:

  • Prevents Secondary Damage: Water left unattended can lead to a cascade of problems. Wet materials like drywall and wood can rot or warp, affecting the structural integrity of your property. Excess moisture also creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can pose health risks and require expensive remediation. Water mitigation stops this chain reaction in its tracks.
  • Saves Money: While mitigation might cost some money, it's significantly cheaper than repairing tensive structural damage or dealing with a full-blown mold infestation. By acting quickly, you can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars down the line.
  • Protects Belongings: Water damage can destroy furniture, carpets, and other valuables. Mitigation helps to salvage these belongings by drying them out properly and preventing mold growth.
  • Maintains Property Value: Extensive water damage can significantly decrease the value of your property. Mitigation helps minimize water damage and keep your home or building in good condition.
  • Healthier Environment: Mold growth can trigger respiratory problems and allergies. Water mitigation helps prevent this by creating a dry environment inhospitable to mold.
  • Faster Recovery: The sooner you address water damage, the sooner the drying and restoration process can begin. This means getting your property back to normal quicker and with less disruption to your life.

Water mitigation is an investment that can save you time, money, and hassle in the long run. It's the key to minimizing damage and getting your property back on track after water damage.

For more information about our water mitigation services in Englewood, CO, call (303) 963-9482 or contact us online today.

Professional Water & Flood Damage Restoration in Englewood

If your home or business in Englewood, CO is affected by flooding or water damage, make sure you call ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration right away. Our technicians will immediately limit the damage by stopping the spread of the water and begin the restoration process. You can reach us 24 hours a day at (303) 963-9482 for emergency water and flood damage restoration in Englewood, CO.

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