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Water Damage Portland Maine and Category of Loss

Recently on a water damage Portland Maine we had multiple categories, or types of water, on the loss. Each category requires different ways to mitigate the loss.

Water Damage Portland MaineWater damage losses are separated into 3 categories, defined by the source of the water and the spread of the water.  These categories dictate what type and the extent of water mitigation needs to be completed.

These classifications of water damage also help the insurance companies to approve mitigation work, as they have an understanding of what is necessary to complete the job according to the category of damage.

Category 1 “Clean” water claims are considered category losses.  Examples of this type of loss are water from a leaking ice maker or washer hose, tub or sink overflows and even a broken toilet tank.  It’s not necessarily really clean water, this just means that it doesn’t contain contaminants or additives. On the Portland Maine water damage, the water came from a burst pipe leading to a refrigerator.

Category 2 losses are described as “gray” water.  Gray water may be contaminated by chemicals or biocontaminants.  For example, washer overflows or broken aquariums. On the Portland Maine water damage, the water came from the washing machine that overflowed after the back up.

Category 3“Black” water is the most contaminated type water loss.  Ground water, sea water and sewage backups are all extremely unclean water losses.   On the water damage Portland Maine, sewage came right from the toilet and shower into the basement.

From a simple overflow of a dehumidifier to an out-and-out sewer mess, your ServiceMaster Clean water damage restoration experts are the ones who know how to handle the job.

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