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Mold Removal Services In Lexington, KY

What Are the Causes of Mold?

Mold in the home is caused by the presence of moisture. A microscopic fungus, mold can be found almost everywhere in the outdoors. Mold varieties come in an array of colors, mostly purple, green, orange-white, and black. Found outdoors, mold breaks down debris such as trees, plants, and dead leaves. Mold grows on moist surfaces and spreads through the air. Every day, human beings are exposed to mold in the outdoors. However, when mold begins to grow and spread within your home, the spores they release that grow on your other surfaces will quickly grow. Contact our mold remediation specialists for help with your mold removal, today!

Mold tends to find its way into people’s homes through items coming from outdoors including dirt, hair, clothes, and pets. Unless the mold spores can find a moist area to settle, they will quickly die. On the other hand, if there are damp corners in your home, mold will grow quickly. When mold spores are inhaled, this can cause serious issues with breathing and your lungs. Mold spores cause an allergic reaction to some people. Once you see mold growing in your home, or notice more family members are coughing or sneezing, mold remediation is highly recommended.

Mold can cause serious respiratory issues and structural problems. Even if this issue is something you are not experiencing at the moment, it could ruin the quality of your life over time if measures are not taken. In itself, mold can cause structural damage to common building materials within your household such as concrete, plaster, drywall, and gypsum.

Mold can also affect the fabric. Soft toys, bedding, curtains, and tablecloths constantly absorb moisture from being around people and condensation. Machine washing can solve these types of mold issues. However, if the mold issue has been going on for quite some time, you will need to apply more serious measures.

Once mold has taken hold in your home, it can produce new issues as it exacerbates pre-existing issues. Some common symptoms usually include allergies, headaches, and skin irritation. In particular, this is a concern that people suffering from asthma go through. Breathing in spores can result in difficulty breathing which tends to worsen with each symptom.

What Is the Mold Removal Process?

The mold removal process requires professional tools for treating surface areas over ten feet by ten feet in width. Treating mold will also require using the right materials to treat moisture issues. If you treat mold without treating the moisture issues, this will make it impossible to completely eradicate the issue.

Specialist tools and years of experience have equipped our team with the most updated methods of quickly eradicating mold. We can fix the problem while minimizing disruption in your home. Avoid any more health issues by controlling the mold infestation in your home. If you are unsure whether mold does exist, but have been having difficulty breathing, we can check and detect where there may be possible issues.

Our team uses proven techniques for mold detection to find every harboring spot of mold in your home. Then, we begin to dehumidify your home with our industrial-grade dehumidifiers. Our commercial machines are much stronger than regular home dehumidifiers. Our machine takes hours to draw moisture out of the air, unlike dehumidifiers for home-use which will take days to do the equivalent amount of dehumidifying.

As a result, you will regain the ability to enjoy your home and will be able to sleep well once more. Mold damage is the undetected culprit in so many health issues that you will save on costs in the long run by eliminating the mold issue immediately.

How Can Mold Be Managed over Time?

To manage mold over time, clean damp or wet areas within forty-eight hours to prevent the growth of mold. Install exhaust fans, open windows, or use a home dehumidifier. For extreme cases, call a professional for an industrial-grade humidifier that can get rid of moisture at a higher, stronger pace. Limit condensation by keeping your room well-insulated or warm, if possible. Quickly fix any known water leaks. Have a contractor inspect leaks you may not know about.

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

Mold removal companies charge per square foot of mold in your home. Minor mold removal will not cost as much as a larger job. Depending on the severity of the mold infestation, we can give you a quotation as soon as we can do a professional inspection of your home. If you have had a large infestation of mold, you can rest assured that we can get rid of your problem, which in turn, will save you from the long term costs of health maintenance and solutions to the breathing issues mold could cause.

Call Our Lexington Mold Removal Experts, Today

Our team of expert mold remediators will destroy any mold they detect in your mold. This includes diagnosing potential spots in the future that mold might develop in. Early detection for future issues will completely eradicate the existing mold and the future mold to ensure the safety of your family’s health. Call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services today!