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Odor Removal Services in Lexington, Ky

One of the most noticeable household problems is stench. Everyone has a natural ability to pick out issues with gas, smoke, and unfortunately, sewage. Most smells are temporary, but surfaces will pick up strong odors over time. This is because of the microscopic particulates that have entered the air and settled into your home. Usually odors aren’t toxic unless they’re also gaseous. The main reason you want them out of your home is that you want to have a great, clean smelling, place to live. If you are experiencing issues with odor, contact ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services, today!

Common Causes of Household Odors

Anything that is burned inside your home will produce a smell that is impossible to remove using domestic methods, especially after a house fire. A house fire gets so hot that it can melt plastics and other items produced with oil, which can produce dangerous chemicals once melted. Even the smell of burning plastic is so horrible and long-staying that it will take a professional to remove the odor completely. Fire damage is extremely difficult to remove.

Flooding and Odor

Another problem comes from flooding, especially when the issue is natural disasters or sewage. Unknown substances can enter the floodwater and be left inside your house long after the flooding has subsided. After the water has been removed by a water damage restoration expert, this unsanitary waste can permanently damage carpets and contents and cause the items to smell. Even a burst mains pipe or appliance, if the water is left stagnant, will eventually have the same result in water damage.

Smells in Rental Properties

If you are having issues with a rental property, it might be that you’ve had a hoarder live in your property. After removing their waste the carpets might seem unsalvageable. Our professional cleaning services allow us to clean deep into carpets and fabrics to remove not only the dirt but also the smell. You might be able to save a fortune on having to replace all the carpets in your property!

Can I Remove All Odors From My Home?

When it comes to odor removal, a lot of odors can be removed using domestic tools. However, if it can suck up moisture it is going to be pretty much impossible to clean without specialized tools and help to restore and repair the damaged goods. So, who can you call?

Call Our Odor Removal Service in Lexington, Today!

We are a professional odor removal service in Lexington that can handle any household odor to restore your home to its pre-incident state. Because we’re local to you, it means we can offer fast turn around and competitive local pricing, unlike our statewide competitors who travel further and pass the cost on to you. So, if you’re looking for the best company to provide odor damage services in Lexington, look no further than us!