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Fire Damage Restoration Services in Lexington, Ky

How Can a Lexington Fire Damage Restoration Team Help You?

A house fire is absolutely devastating. In one accident, you could lose a lot of your property and belongings. Don’t think that there’s nothing that you can do, follow our guide and you can minimize the damage to yourself, your family and your property.

Our company won’t leave you hanging. In addition to our standard services we also offer specialty services, such as reconstruction, board-up and tarping, post-loss recovery, and bio-hazard services. We are also capable of handling clean-up related to trauma incidents, vandalism, and other unique situation. Call for more information.

Discoloration, tarnishing, and even structural damage can all be caused by fire damage. We are able to rebuild and refresh your property after any type of fire incident, including eliminating smoke odors.

Whether you are moving into a home that had pets or you can’t seem to get that sewage smell out of your basement, ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services can help you address it. We specialize in removing odors from various spaces in the home.

fire damage in kitchen

How Exactly Does Fire Damage Your Belongings?

Fire is a direct, intense heat that spreads around your belongings and property. This means that each item affected in the fire will have a different level of damage based on how flammable the material is. Furniture made out of hardwood or metal tends to hold up the best, as plastics and flimsy wood isn’t as structurally dense so the fire can eat through it quicker.

The actual main problem with a house fire isn’t the fire, but the smoke that it produces. Smoke is heavily toxic to humans and animals, as it’s made out of water vapor and fumes that can easily enter the respiratory system and cut off the flow of oxygen to the brain. This results in a loss of consciousness. Smoke is also acidic, meaning that it eats away at porous materials and discolors non porous materials like plastics.

How is Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Different?

If you suffer a fire, you will need both services, but it’s important to understand the difference.

Fire destruction usually requires a full replacement of some structures in the house. These can often include insulation, dry-walling, doors, and burned wooden supports. Without these replacements to the structure, the building may not be able to hold it’s own weight and could collapse over time.

Smoke destruction tends to affect contents over the structure of the house. Parts of the structure will need cleaning as it is a bio-hazard, including intact counters and surfaces, as well as walls and ceilings. We will also need to inspect all contents of the house and correctly dispose of personal belongings that cannot be saved. Another major issue is the odor of smoke, which must also be removed as it as a risk to health.

Remember: Just get out in the middle of the fire. Once it goes past a small fire, you do not have time to save possessions. Save your family, save your neighbors, and reduce the risk of injury and death. Do not be a hero, as you can just as easily be a casualty.


The most dangerous and the most common fires come from the Kitchen. A small fire can quickly be put under control, but if you're inattentive then flammable items like kitchen towels might start a large fire that can put your entire house at risk. Remember! If oil is burning do NOT put it out with water. The resulting chemical reaction will cause a fireball the size of your kitchen and make efforts to put out the fire even worse.


One fault of a heating element can cause a fire easily. Watch specifically for hidden heating elements, such as hairdryers, which can catch quickly on hair and burn.

Smoking in Bedrooms

Not all bedding is created equal, and smoking in your bedroom is one of the biggest causes of household fires. Basically, if you fall asleep with a lit cigarette in your mouth or hand, you are at high risk of setting your bedroom alight.

Electrical Appliances

Most household electrical appliances are made to a high degree of safety. However, some two-pronged plugs are not earthed and they can cause a lot of damage to the if left slightly out of the socket. Small sparks can burn out fuses, all of which can cause a fire.


The recent upsurge in candle usage in the home has led to more house fires. Keep candles away from curtains, fabric, paper, and the like. The best place for a table is a hard surface on some type of dish to avoid ashes from the wick falling down onto anything flammable.

Curious Children

Looking after children is a number-one priority in the home, and the thing about kids is that they're able to find safety concerns before you even think of them. Childproofing your home is a number one priority when it comes to avoiding house fires.

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Call Our Fire Damage Restoration Service in Lexington, Today!

If you have been a victim of a house fire, contact us. We are expert remediation experts handling all parts of a house fire cleanup, including water damage restoration, smoke damage, and odor clean up. There is nothing we can’t handle as part of our mission to keep you safe. A house fire is traumatic enough as it is- the last thing you want is to delay repairs and restoration to your property. Because we only operate in Lexington, we can focus on you and your community to make sure that your house returns to how it was pre-incident.