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Posts from 2024

  • A Checklist of What To Do When Your House Floods A flooded house can be a difficult situation to deal with. Flooding can lead to water damage that ends up causing you significant property loss. When you do find yourself in this situation, it is important to know what to do. At ServiceMaster Fire & Water Damage Restoration, ... Continue Reading
  • Does Renters Insurance Cover Water Damage? Water damage is one of those things that people dread whether they own a property or rent. There are a lot of ways that water damage can occur in a property. It can be the result of flooding from a natural disaster. It can also be caused by faulty plumbing in your home or ... Continue Reading
  • Is It Safe to Sleep in a House After a Fire? The answer to the question, “is it safe to sleep in a house after a small fire?” is NO. It is dangerous to sleep in a house after a fire, regardless of how small or big the fire was. The main source of danger during fire outbreaks is smoke, and smoke is usually produced ... Continue Reading
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