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Does Renters Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Water damage is one of those things that people dread whether they own a property or rent. There are a lot of ways that water damage can occur in a property. It can be the result of flooding from a natural disaster. It can also be caused by faulty plumbing in your home or apartment. Sewer backups are a common cause of water damage as are overflowed toilets. Leaks from the roof of a property can also lead to significant water damage. The damages that water can cause include the destruction of personal property and it can also lead problems that amount to a health hazard. This is due to the presence of mold and mildew that often develops where the water damage has occurred. Whether you own a property or rent it, facing water damage is not something that you want to have to deal with. As a renter, you will generally not be responsible for any property damage and repairs that water damage caused to your house or apartment. This responsibility is going to generally fall to your landlord. At the same time, water damage can cause great harm to your valuable personal property items. It is for this reason that it is important to have a good renters insurance policy to provide you necessary coverage in the case of a water damage emergency. Having the right renters insurance policy to protect yourself against water damage is a good idea and it is something that you will want to have if you end up needing it. Your landlord’s policy might cover the major issues related to the damage of the actual residential property but you need that extra protection to ensure that you will be reimbursed for the value of your items of personal property.

What Types of Water Damage Does Insurance Cover?

If you rent, you have probably asked yourself this question. Does renters insurance cover water damage? The answer to this question is yes. To be more specific, renters insurance provides you with coverage for many of the most common situations that you can face as someone who is renting a property. These situations include sudden discharges of water and overflows. It is important to note that while your renters insurance will likely cover these scenarios, there are other situations that it will not cover you in.

It is helpful to have a good idea of what types of water damage your renters insurance will cover. These types of damage that it covers include:

  • Damage to your personal property as a result of water damage
  • Damage from toilet flooding due to an accidental discharge or an overflow
  • Types of personal belongings that are covered include appliances, laptops, televisions, and jewelry
  • Damage to other people’s personal property in certain situations
  • Damage caused by mold that developed as a side-effect of water damage is often covered by your renters insurance

These points represent the main areas where you will be covered in the case that you need to file a claim on your renters insurance. As this indicates, renters insurance primarily covers your personal property. As a tenant, you generally will not be responsible for covering the bill for water damage restoration that will have to be on the property. Fixing any structural damage and dealing with issues such as mold and mildew will be the responsibility of your landlord.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Water Backup?

Water backup situations often lead to the question does renters insurance cover water damage. Your renters insurance will not cover issues such as water backups that result from backed-up sewage. It also will not cover damage that was sustained from flooding. Renters insurance is not going to cover damage caused by backups from the sewer. You would need to purchase a separate policy that covers this kind of damage. In many cases of water damage, it is the responsibility of the landlord to deal will all of the damage costs that result from water damage that has occurred. The landlord of your property will be responsible to have their own insurance policy that will cover water damage issues related to sewer backups, and other plumbing issues. It is important to once again emphasize that claims on your renters insurance primarily focus on types of personal property that you have moved into the space that you are renting.

When Does Renters Insurance Not Cover Water Damage?

Flooding can cause significant amounts of water damage. It is for this reason that individuals who live on a flood plain are expected to have a separate flood insurance plan to cover these types of damage. Any damage that occurs to the property itself is going to be the responsibility of the landlord and so your renters insurance will not be involved in these types of claims. Since your landlord’s insurance policy is generally not going to cover any damage to your personal belongings, it is important to have a good renters insurance policy that can take care of this issue for you. Contacting a reliable and trusted insurance company is important when you have decided to purchase renters insurance. Having the right policy can make a big difference for you when you find yourself dealing with water damage that has ruined items of your personal property. The right insurance company can help you to navigate through all the necessary information so that you can make an informed decision on the amount of coverage that you need for your insurance policy.

These points illustrate why it is highly beneficial to have a good renters insurance policy for the coverage of damage to your property. They also illustrate many of the key situations where your renters insurance will cover the damage to your property and key situations where it will not cover the damage. If you are renting a property, today is the perfect time to inquire with a trusted insurance provider about your options for renters insurance. It can give you significant peace of mind to know that you will have some solid coverage in the case that you suffer from the unfortunate effects of water damage. If you have water damage in your rental property, call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services in Lexington, Kentucky, Today!