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Heavy Rain Results in Water Damage in Newton, IA

August can bring storms and heavy rain to Newton, IA. Here’s a possible scenario – the rain has been relentless for two days, and the backyard is starting to look like a pond. You’re worried about the basement because of the age of the windows, and as you head down the steps to check, you find the worst scenario. Water is pouring down the wall under the windows and is soaking into everything it touches! Where in Newton, IA can you find help with this kind of water damage?

Water damage causes more damage than you can see.

Water takes the path of least resistance. This means that it can quickly soak into flooring, walls, furniture, and belongings. The longer the water sits, the more damage it can cause. There’s also the chance of mold and mildew growth. If mold and mildew are allowed to grow, the health and safety of those living in the home can be put in jeopardy. It’s important that water damage be cleaned up as soon and quickly as possible.

What’s the right approach to water damage restoration?

The first step should always include water extraction. Depending on the size and type of room this can include a number of different tools or techniques. Large rooms could require a pump or shop vacuum, whereas a smaller room may only necessitate mops and fans. Once the water is removed the room needs to be completely dried out. From fans to dehumidifiers, anything can work as long as the whole room is thoroughly dried.

Using a professional service for you water damage restoration.

Using the professional services of ServiceMaster of Newton will ensure the water damage restoration process is done quickly and correctly. Our technicians can help those in the Newton, IA area with all of their water damage restoration needs. From water extraction to moisture detection, we’ll make sure your home is back to normal and safe for your family as fast and soon as possible.

If you live in the Newton, IA area, ServiceMaster of Newton should be your first call for all your water damage restoration needs. Contact us at (641) 332-6949.