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What to Do When a Backyard Bonfire Results in Fire Damage in Newton, IA

You’re celebrating Memorial Day weekend and the return of beautiful summer weather with a backyard bonfire. As you and your family enjoy the evening, a flaming log somehow jumps from the roaring fire and rolls into a nearby shed! Before you know it, the shed is in flames and you’re rushing to get the hose to put the fire out. Once the flames have been extinguished you find that the shed and the items inside have been damaged. Where in Newton, IA can you find fire damage restoration?

Fire damage isn’t just caused by the flames of the fire. The flames of the fire cause smoke and soot along with charring to wood, furniture, and the structure. Depending on how deep the charring goes the items or structure may be saved. It could be a surface charring where the top layer of the material is black and discolored. The charring could go through the material completely making it so the material can’t be saved and has to be replaced. The water used to extinguish the fire can mix with the smoke and soot to create a paste that causes secondary damage to the items that it covers. This sludge has to be removed quickly or you run the risk of those items becoming unsalvageable.

Using a professional service will ensure that the fire damage restoration is done correctly. ServiceMaster of Newton is here to help all those in the Newton, IA area with all of their fire damage restoration needs. Our technicians undergo extensive training to ensure they know exactly what they need to do so your home or business can be returned to normal. From the charring of the flames to the sludge from the water, soot, and smoke; each cause of damage requires different tools and techniques to fix and return to normal. On top of all the damage, you have to work with your insurance company, and that can cause added stress and anxiety. ServiceMaster of Newton will work with your insurance company so you can focus on your family and safety.

When it comes to fire damage restoration in the Newton, IA area, ServiceMaster of Newton should be your first call. If you have questions or would like additional information, please give us a call today at (641) 332-6949.