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Defend against Mud with Professional Carpet Cleaning in Newton, IA

The spring has been wet and the ground has been slow to dry, so your yard is a mud puddle. Of course, your kids and dogs have been tearing across the yard, having the time of their lives. But when they come in, they are now inadvertently terrorizing your carpets. There are mud tracks and stains throughout the entire house. Where can you turn in Newton, IA, for carpet cleaning services? ServiceMaster of Newton is here to help!

Each type of carpet and each stain requires a different cleaning technique. An area rug is different from your living room carpet. Wine stains are different from mud or food. And knowing the right combination of cleaning solutions and tools is the difference between cleaning your carpet so it looks like new and ruining your carpet beyond repair. Not only are the types of carpet different, but also the location of your carpet can change the type of cleaning it requires. Hallways and entryways are high-traffic areas and suffer from lots of use. Stains in these areas can be harder to remove because they end up ground into the carpet from the many footprints that trod over them.

Your carpet is your home’s filter. Not only does your carpet make your home look amazing and feel cozy, but also it helps to filter the air in your house because your carpet collects dust, dirt, and dander from the air. Vacuuming removes these unhealthy contaminants from the top layer of your carpet but doesn’t touch anything that has sunk deep into your carpet’s fibers. By cleaning your carpet with solutions and tools, you are effectively washing it the same way you wash your hair. These solutions and tools scrub the carpet, loosening the dirt and grime from deep down in the carpet, so your carpet looks like the day it was installed.

Contact ServiceMaster of Newton for all of your Carpet Cleaning Needs

The carpet cleaning technicians of ServiceMaster of Newton are trained in all the state-of-the-art tools and techniques for returning your carpet to looking the same way it did when it was new. By having your carpets cleaned at least twice a year, you can ensure that everyone in your home remains healthy and that your air filter continues to work correctly.

If you live in the Newton, IA, area, ServiceMaster of Newton should be your first call for all your carpet cleaning needs. Call today at (641) 332-6949.